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1:48 Tamiya Beaufighter Mk VI Night Fighter


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First job today was to spray the propblurs and prepare the prop hub by removing the blades and drilling holes to accept the blur blades.


Did a little more weathering and then started fitting the props



Antennas, lights and U/C doors fitted and place on her base with some wheel chocks


Then using the three guys Ivan, Boris and Alexei seen here in the background, who will be recruted to the RAF with the names of Tom, Dick and Harry


and here they are taking shape


And no tom is not being rude.

More tomorrow....

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That, young Lady is one pretty good model. And having recently been rather derogatory about "prop blur" offerings by others I have to say that yours look about the best by a long way. You are a talented wench, I have to say!! And will give old galgos a run for his money. :speak_cool:

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