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Zvezda 787 build

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Zvezda Boeing 787 dreamliner build

1/144 scale kit with Paul Parkes Monarch decals

An in-box review of this kit is here

I have chosen to build this kit kindly supplied by Hobby-pro, Zvezdas distributors, in the livery of the UK baised holidy airline Monarch. The decals are being produced as a one off by Paul Parkes of parkes Decals.

As I stated in the box review, this kit is very well moulded, and is completely flash free. I couldnt wait to make a start, and decided that I would start on the fantastic engines. before starting I blew over some white primer as looking at referances most of the airframe, including the wings, and UC are in white.

The first task was to dig out a number of metal colours. I followed the instructions and applied Gunmetal to the fans, and aluminium to the surrounds. Some thinned down black was washed over when dry to give some depth.


Lots of care needs to be taken as the blades are very fragile, and no matter how careful I was I still broke one off! I glued the fans solid on this build, but Im sure that my next one Ill try to pop a little motor in to spin the fans! there is lots of space inside the engine pod to do this.

The hot end was also painted following the instructions with Aluminiun, gunmetal and steel being used. I then got carried away and cut the engine housings away from the sprue and started to put it all together. In these shots the engine is not yet glued.



The fit on the parts is excellent. Full markes to Zvezda for the detail, and casting on these bits.

Next on my list is to mask off the windows as I want to do it with open clear windows, then I can get the wings and fuselage glued up!

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Got some more done. Ive masked all the windows with some liquid mask stuff so I can get them in. While waiting for that to dry I started marking up the dark blue on the fuselage. I find this easier when the fuselage is in 2 bits so I can get both sides the same. Ive also put some basic bulkheads in so the the fuselage isnt so empty looking through the windows. Ive also added some blinds to a few of the windows with some spare white decal.

look a bit of a glue mess, but it wont be seen!



I have also glued the top and bottom of the wings together.


they go together very well, and are nice and thin at the tips, and trailing edges. please take care when removing them from the sprue, as its very thin, and damages easy!

for the first time with this kit I am disapointed. the main wheel bays have no detail at all in them.


I know its an easy fix, and I may add some detail to this build but I expected more following the engines...

I also noted while it was placed together another niggle. I could see right through the aircraft through the wheel bays, a small bit of plasticard sorted this, but be careful with its placement as it will catch on the fuselage if you put it too high! Yes there is a small gap, but this is covered by the fuselage sections.


Dont let this put you off. Its still a cracking kit!

Edited by richellis

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Still gting on with it!

Not much to say, fuselage and wings now 1 part. No probs, all went together nicely!

its all drying and hardening.

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Not much, had some family issues!

Its in the paint shop, the Monarch Livery is a sod to get masked and painted with all the waves! I have some very nice custom decals on the bench now!

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