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1:48 Mosquito NF II


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I'm going to join in with this...............


Converted to an NFII using bits robbed from the Tamiya kit and there will some resin casting going on as well...........



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Some progress..........

Bits nicked out of the Tamiya kit that will turn an FB VI into an NFII.


The wheels are wrong in the airfix kit and it only provides paddle props so I decided to cast some copies. I also decided to replicate the oil tank that is adsent from the airfix undercarraige.



And the results........


Wing tips removed ready to take the Tamiya double light version. I also reduced the strips on the wings that represent the wing cappings as I belive they are a little heavy on the kit.


The wheel wells are really sparse so with a bit of plastic strip detail was added


I added a false roof to the wheel wells and since this photo I have also added some piping.


The airfix undercarriage is missing one of the arms and the main uprights stop as they enter the well when they should go up to the roof. using plastic rod these details were added.


I started on the cockpit, for an NFII I needed to remove part of the instrument panel, the gap has now been filled by plastic card. I will also be using the Eduard Zoom set for the instrument panel and other little details


I also drilled out the fuselage ident lights and made some lenses to go into them. Does anyone know what the colours should be?


Thats's all for now, thanks for looking


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More Progress........

Cockpit completed using Eduard photo etch, it's supposed to be for the Tamiya kit but most parts fitted well enough, also wires added with lead wire.




Cockpit now fitted into fuselage and all buttoned up

More pictures soon


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  • 2 months later...

Well, the groupbuild is now over but I was trying to build the model in the time frame given.............

With a week to go I had this


Copies of the needle props were done and you can see by the remnants behind that it didn't go to plan the first, second, third or fourth times.........


By the Friday night before the deadline I had this


I rushed to get it finished but I had problems with the Revell acrylics flat coat and ended up with watermarks over the final finish, perhaps I overthinned it with water? I'm going to apply an enamel flat topcoat to see if that will sort it out.

I want to get this finished so I can keep adding to this thread or if the moderaters want to move it to "work in progress" then that's fine by me.

Thanks for looking


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