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Revell 1/72 Jaguar Gr. 1

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Here's my first post here and I thought to start out with a brit jag.

The model is Revel's boxing of italeri's 1/72 jag with Op. Granby decals for Debbie/White Rose.

I've chosen to do it up as Debbie with no additions apart from swapping the CBUs with 1000 pounders sourced from revell's Tornado.

Painting was done with home made mix of tamiya acrylics with red brown, tan and buff as the major components.

Slight pre-shading with more brownish colour was sprayed all over and covered with thinned lighter hue of the main colour.

Chipping with olive green and brownish-black water colour wash thinned with soapy water took care of the weathering.

Hope you like it

and off course all critiques are welcome


the pit



sidewinders and upper wings


under the belly



nozzle area was painted with gunze mr.color metallics, namely chrome silver for the nozzles themselves and steel for the rest of it.

Passes with tamiya smoke along the panel lines and a black water wash for that burnt metal look.


I did mention chipping with olive green did I?




Thank you for comments and watching



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Very nice-noticed the twin aerials and thought should be a single UHF/VHF Havequick aerial.Upon searching my reference books that would appear to be the case, but interestingly "The Guardian Reader" has twin aerials!

Have also found a Sepecat Forever group on Facebook which I used to find out what the black patch on starboard leading edge was for.

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Fantastic Job! The most impressive Jag that i ever seen at this scale! :goodjob: The paint and weathering are awesome! You have really captured the mighty look of this brave plane. Congratulations!!

Regards. TRUSKY1965.

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