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Chaotic Mike's Whirlwind

Finished. And I have to say, as I continue to wrestle with the mossie, I haven't had as much fun in ages, by trying not to get too hung up as I went along!

Things I liked:

Fit. I was pleasantly surprised how few gaps there were.

The decals - really excellent. I did go to town trimming out the interiors of the letters and separating them from each other,but I was impressed how well they went down. Who needs Microsol and Microset, anyway?

Paint: Love the quick drying.

The brushes - a lot better than they needed to be, and perfectly OK for fine detailing.

Things I didn't like:

Paint: Many, many coats, and it still didn't end up particularly smooth. Maybe I should have indulged myself with some slight sanding, but I reckoned 2000 grit Tamiya finishing paper wasn't wholly in the spirit of the build (!), and I didn't trust my sanding stick.

So, operating from a table top somewhere in Hampshire, a slightly tatty looking SF-P (piloted by Zarg the martial Martian) prepares for take off...


(Ooops... blurred...)




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Finished AW Seahawk ......quite chuffed with first GB & first model displayed on this forum





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Well, it's finished! The first kit I've finished for ages (probably about a year!)






In a way, I'm glad it's over :) It was so annoying at times, knowing there was a way to do a particular thing, but unable to because of the restricted toolkit, lol! But on the whole I enjoyed it.

I was particularly impressed by the decals, both the printing and the way they went down, especially over the very matt finish. I'd tried rubbing the paintwork with a kitchen towel to try and get a sheen to the paint, but those acrylics seemed rather impervious to that! When I put the decals on I used as little water as possible so the decal 'glue' wasn't diluted, and once the decal was on I didn't press it down for a couple of minutes. This seemed to allow the adhesive to start to dry and become 'thicker' so when I did press the decal into place I think more of it stayed between the decal and the paint which helped reduce the silvering. In fact, some of these decals went on better than some I've put on models with a gloss finish!

Other plus points:

1. The kit was very cleanly moulded and went fitted well (especially compared to the Gnat I attempted!)

2. The acrylic paints, once I'd worked out the amount of thinning they needed, went on well. Even the yellow for the prop tips covered the black well.

Minus points:

1. A bit of a minor gripe, but on the supplied paint guide, the grey areas look more green than the green areas (if that makes sense!) Each is indicated with the relevant paint number, but I did have to look closely to avoid getting the two colours reversed.

All in all I'm fairly pleased with the result. It 'may' get some aerial wires from stretched sprue, but I'm not sure I can be bothered! :)

I'm also grateful to the GB hosts - a nice simple one like this at least got me to build something! You know, I think I could quite get into these GBs. Now then, which one next . . . ?



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My entry - a 1:72 BAe Hawk in Red Arrows colors. I'm too tired from fighting the paint & decals to say any more ;)





Please don't vote for me, as the photos don't do the true horror of the brush-marked paintwork justice. ^_^

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Ok the second of my 2 builds 'galleried'




Worst feature of this kit was the canopy again...& that silver paint...crikey!! I hate painting natural metal schemes at the best of times!! only 4 paints was a challenge in both kits...poor little grey pilots...& grey sidewinders...I so wanted top use the Seahawk white on those!!

1 model per reply so see the thread for the 2 together & the build saga !! http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46725

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OK so here is my entry. The wonderful North American P 51D Mustang. Those of you with very long memories will remember the 2/- bagged Airfix Mustang which predates this issue by very many years. This first iteration was the first model I painted using silver paint - the coverage was certainly better than my latest effort!


Thanks to the mods for coming up with this great idea for a Group Build.



Real Fun!



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Finally got round to finishing the AW Seahawk, only issue is my estimate of 5g of blue tak was slightly light, looks like it is just taking off!!






The white paint is very translucent and even after 4 coats it is still streaky, the grey was much better and only needed 2 coats which was good as I knocked the pot over half way through the first coat and lost half the paint!! Decals went on very easily and was suprised how well they sat down without any softener.

Great idea for a Group build particularly if it is your first.



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It's now 23:26 the pics are going into photo bucket and I've still got to resize them! :frantic::yikes:

As I have not had the time available that I would have liked , I have not been able to do much more than throw the kit together.

I did strech a bit of sprue to fill some gaps, notably in the fin.

As a kit, the plastic seems to be a bit soft and the mould is the same as the standard kit so that the canopy top is fitted with the stabilised sight, not used in Advanced rotary wing!

also the nose has a hole where the VHF homing aerials would be . :rolleyes:

Not my best offering but it was fun, even when running out of time :wub:

Hooray the pics are done




Hey! I've got 8 minutes left. :chillpill:


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here my F-5E Tiger II




And Joshua my 8 year son's AW Seahawk



Both models flying proudly were all models built by an 8 year old belong on his bed room ceiling Except the wife wouldn't allow mine to hang in our bedroom.

Builds Here

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Final pictures...................

P-47D Thunderbolt






Thanks for looking


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