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1:72 AW Seahawk & F-5A Freedom Fighter


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That's come out rather well - our first finished Seahawk. No issues with thw decals I take it?

Like the use of the box too.

Actually the decals were rather good, a bit see through where the white covers grey but in register etc & handled well.........it was going to get tied to the ceiling....but I think it will reside in the display cabinet....now is tehre time for the Iranian F-5A!

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Reckon you've done a brill job on the seahawk there, can't wait to see how the 'other' Airfix F-5 builds up.



here it is Kirk.........


ok so a sucker for punishment & getting into this starter set lark....i'm building & finishing excellent!! here is the fusalage pilot chappie green flight suit black mask,gloves & boots....black washed face & suit & silver 'bonedome' incarcerated in a black cockpit plus blue tack & fishing weights......join it up & 'voila'..


Mr posties rubber bands holding it all together....


Nose job.......now the nose cone was about 3mm + too big & had not sanded fusalage down at all reduced nose profile once glued onto fusalage with the allowed emery board (forgotten how good these were flexible & quick for filing down) and it came out rather well!!!


wings, tail & awful rear fusalage section lots of pairing down with modelling knife to fit 'flushish' wings fitted 'snuggley' adedd 'sprue fillet' to display stand slot & gap in forward wings/intake section

aleez oop & onto its undercarriage ...strange 2 dimensional moulded affair , had thought about bit o wire stuck out of box with closed undercarriage doors in flying attitude ...type thing but added the wheels instead....canopy just resting 'in place' yet to be 'sorted'....Jennings real ale from Cumbria has taken the place of orange squash & wagon wheels.....s*d the authenticity just having fun!..... tonight some painting if the home made 'sloe vodka' doesn't get me first


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F-5A finished now ............so both kits I said I would build I have.........crikey.....I can do it......thats doubled last years output!!!!!!! & it was great fun....er apart from trying to stick F5 canopy in place after a Levellers gig yesterday when I wasn't with it!!......that was of course designed to replicate 'glue' finger approach of childhood!!!

so here we go the 'damage' inflicted on an Airfix F5 - A starter kit was......


Thats it painted ...awful silver 11 paint .in fact there were really only 2 things wrong with these 2 starter kits....THE PAINT!! & the canopies. The only good thing about the paint was that you could 'fill' around the gaps between canopy & fusalage!! so if Airfix changed improved the paint supplied, re moulded all the aging clear parts in their old toolings it would work as awinning starter kit formula...so nearly spot on Airfix. Actually one of those double ended Revell brushes would be good but the brush supplied performed remarkably well!!


Decals applied top view


upside down...missing long range tank as had a bit of a glue accident all over it.......just like the old days!




The 2 builds together!! all in 3 weeks...must be more 'risk averse' in my modelling future!!


Thats it !! although there are 7 days left!...............

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Great stuff, Frax - yes, H11 acrylic is pants (Revell 90 acrylic is much better), so well done for getting it to stick.

The 2 builds together!! all in 3 weeks...must be more 'risk averse' in my modelling future!!

Yup. If it's finished, at least you have a finished model - even if it's not 100% perfect and won't win any prizes for accuracy or realism (which none of my builds ever would). If it's not finished, you have a pile of half-painted plastic.

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Handsomely finished. That F-5A is not a nice model at all but you've made it very repectable with the silver finish as well.

Thanks for comments guys, really enjoyed this my first GB, I have my enthusiasm back for modelling!! (much to 'high commands' disgust!!) now will have to hang these 2 up from the ceiling in the study as they look ok from underneath (can't see them' non fitting canopies!)

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