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My Boy builds his first model

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He's on the slippery slope now! My Boy Ethan has just made his first model, at 4 yrs old. :speak_cool:

My parents bought Ethan his first model this Christmas, a wooden build-it-yourself model with acrylic paint pots and PVA glue.

I helped him build it as it was a bit tricky in places, but he did the glueing.

Once the glue was dry, I let him loose with the paints and the stickers ...





and here he is with the finished result, looking very proud of himself. He hasn't left it alone since finishing it.




We had a great time and he kept asking my advice and opinion throughout the painting and stickering bits.

I asked him what he wanted to call it and he said its the "Mighty Mighty" and is part of the "Beautiful Air Force".

Great fun!!

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For a moment I thought I was watching one of Mentals build threads :P

Seriously though he looks well chuffed with himself, well done little buddy!!



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Well done Ethan, that model looks great.

Are you going to take it to show and tell at school?

What are you going to build next?


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A masterful job for one so young...he shows lots of promise. The smile on his face shows pride in a work well done :thumbsup:

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Wow! An Ethan Aerospace Mighty Mighty, where can I get one, my stash seems somehow lacking now I've seen that.

What a fantastic look on his face, it's the essence of why we do this stuff. I think it's that emotion in all of us that draws us to this hobby. :thumbsup2:

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