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Mirage III Drop Tank Bomb Racks.

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The Mirage III has an unusual set up of having 4 bomb racks attatched to the wing drop tanks,I've been searching the net but cant come up with any decent photo's of them,Can anyone help?



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They are/were the RPK-10 tank.

Neither of these photos is perfect for your purposes, Spike, since they have ordnance on board and you can't see the actual items for detail


(Credit to Mick 555 who put the photo up on arc)


(Credit to Chris BV over on the milphotos forum)

But this one, posted by Jim Barr over on ARC last year might be better?


If you go here - http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/6816/tank01st7.jpg you'll get another picture, which is a bit wide (as I've just discovered) to fit on the page here, while the whole ARC thread is here.

Also have a look here & here

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