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Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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Zvezda 787 dreamliner

1/144 scale

I recieved my 787 on the day of the first flight of the Boeing 787!

The casting on ths kit is fantastic, and the level of detail on this kit looks first class. The plastic is slightly rough but should go under a coat of primer.

Instructions are printed on a large sheet back to back. They are very clear and include painting instructions for the Boeing House colours linked to model Master paints



Sprue shot


the engines make up the most of this sprue. There is no flash anywhere on this kit.

Fuselage parts



On my kit these have no warping. The wings are moulded as a single lower part, and the uppers are separate. they look to be moulded on the ground (not flexed as they seem to in flight)


The clears are bagged separately and there is a clear stand included



A nice set of decals for the Boeing Dreanliner livery is included. All the door decals, and 4 little RR logos are there for the engines. looking at them they look well printed and should go on nicely!


Lastly I had to get out some tape and mock it all up!



As you can see the main bits have gone together well with no warping. I am looking forward to this kit getting on my bench. All in it cost me £18 inc delivery. Was it worth it? I feel it is.

This is my first Zvezda kit, and I now will be getting more!

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Nice succint review there. Thanks.

Cost? Value for money?

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£18 delivered (In the review near the bottom). Can't say fairer than that :)

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looks cool.....tho I'm not sure about the windows - if these match the aircraft that just flew then it's fine, but airline service is a different matter. Some will be blanked out depending on how the airline using it wants it.

but the kit loooks fab

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Thanks for the review Rich! :) Was wondering about this kit and what someone thought of it since it was just out and not many people had one.

Where did you pick yours up? That's a fantastic price..wonder if they ship overseas..


Edited by AnthonyWan

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Thanks for the review Rich.

Looks like a nice kit from what you say.


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It's definitely a really, really, really nice kit! I've got a pair of them sitting here begging to be started. A couple of things I've noticed:

1. The wing/body fairing slants down too much at the front end. The real thing has "two mountains and a valley" when seen in side view. The two "peaks" of the "mountains" are at the exact same level WRT to the cabin windows on the real article, but not (as you can see in the pic above) on the model.

2. The upsweep from the keel toward the tail begins too early and is too round. On the real article the upsweep doesn't start until the skin joint between the 4th and 5th window (where the blank space is, lacking a window). The fuselage is made up of perfectly cylindrical barrel sections until you get to that joint line. The upsweep starts at that point. On the kit it starts about 2 cm fwd of that joint line.

3. Nice as the engine detail is, there is no structural detail whatever in the main gear wells in the wings. It's completely visible. Also, the cross section of the tires is too square. They need to have their shoulders rounded off a bit.

4. There is no representation whatever of any landing lights, nav lights, position lights, or flashing beacons - other than a gigantic thing on the belly that's supposed to represent the red anti-collision beacon (I think). In any event, it's far too big.

I'm not trying to knock the kit - it's really amazing and truly gorgeous! Those are just a few small inconsistencies I noticed when working on drawings.


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