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Trumpter Tiran 5 (TI-67)


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After the Six-Day War, the Israelis found themselves with many Russian tanks, including T-55. These were gradually converted into westernised tanks, with British L7 105mm cannon, etc. These were called the Tiran 5 (the T-54 was the Tiran 4, and the T-62 the Tiran 6). It is a matter of conjecture if the Tiran 5 was known as the TI-67 (Tank Israeli 1967).

This is the Trumpeter kit, which can also be built as the Tiran 4, as supplied to the Christian Lebanese forces by the Israelis. However, I'm building it as the Tiran 5. Basically, it's a T-55 with an L-7 cannon, and some other bits, so, one could convert it from a T-55 kit, but, I'm not into kit bashing.

I started building this, oh, 5 years back, but it was so fiddly, I kept putting it aside, but, now, I really want to get it done, so it's done, if you see what I mean. Funny how different Israeli Sand Grey is too, but, now, sticking to this one, otherwise, it'll look weird!

Here it is, a week back


Here it is now. The major difference has been adding in the light clusters (around the first supports above the guards). The instructions are, well, different from reality, so, it's probably 'wrong', but it's a good as I'm going to get it, sans any other evidence. I've sprayed the hull Israeli Sand Grey (brown?) using Xtracrylix, but, hmmm, it does clog the airbrush badly.

Next, the tool boxes, a couple more lumps (of something, not sure what they are), then the turret.


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