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Hi All

Below are a couple of photos of one of the last Tornado escorts from the Falkland Islands in September 2009. The Tornados are probably all in boxes now for shipping back, as the Typhoon has taken over its role.




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Thanks for the replys. We were told on the flight out that it was going to be the first Typhoon escort out of the Falkland Islands by the Captain but was suprised to see the Tornado come through the clouds and sit on the wing of the Boeing 767. It was however really good to capture a bit of history.

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Sadly the RAF no longer has 3 Canberra airframes either in store or capable of being returned to service. 39(1 PRU) sqn's last 2 PR9s were sold in 2006 and have been kept at Kemble since then. There was talk at that time that the RAF may 'hire' them back for ad hoc survey work but that hasn't happened, and the longer they are kept in open storage the less likely that will ever be.

T'is a shame.


:unsure:I thought I read somewhere the RAF was keeping three in pristine condition for possible recall into service. Anyone know what happened?
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