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My Flanker

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Here is my build for this


We have Trumpy 1/32 beastie, Eduard PE external set, Zacto canopy nose and Intakes


Linden Hill decals will be used depicting "Blue 03" of the 614th regiment .


I want to depict an extremely weathered kite with poor faded paintwork.

I will attempt to get this done in the 4 month time span but I will certainly be up against it!

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That's a 'big-um" Pharty...!! Lots-o-plastic..wot?



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Oh one other thing, I must fess up to the fact I'll be cheating with this one...... It wont be armed until the conclusion of the build cos I'm after some of Zacto's superb missiles but havn't got the readies as yet .....sixty odd quids worth of lickable resin!

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And so here we go..... and so here we stop!

Iv'e already hit a quandry. Ive started (unusually ) with the glorious resin Zacto intakes which are little kits in their own right fit and manufacture is outstanding. Also Iv'e broke open the Eduard kit and attempted to form up the fod guards which I want to depict as raised.

My quandry is this, the Zacto guards are solid resin which means anything past them is not visible, i.e the turbine intake which again is a lovely item. the Eduard guards on the other hand, are see through and come in three parts but are far to big for the Zacto intakes In addition I dont think the metal they are manufactured from will solder so superglue is the only way but I dont think I will attain the strength

Anyhow a few phots of my Dilema

Cutting for the fitment of the intakes


The Zacto intakes




And the knackered Eduard fod guard


Looking round the net Iv'e not seen one of these birds with the Eduard guards fitted. Anyone? in fact has anyone here on BM built one of these?

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Here's what iv'e been up to since we were down.

Intakes and wings basically.

I managed to install the Eduard FOD guards and although it doesn't show on the photos, you can just about see through them to the intake fan faces.




The wings have gone together really well. I do like the flap mechanism that is provided with this kit, basically a series of rods and PE hinges.


On to some serious construction now.

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Nice start!

Good luck if you want it done in four months though!!

Were the Eduard FOD guards too long or too wide, or what? I thought the Zacto intakes were wider but shorter than the kit ones the eduard intakes were designed for.

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Cheers both

Indeed four months is going to up against it somewhat but hey ho like a challenge!

Cockpit work



Al, the intakes are too long for the zacto stuff but I have to sat the fine fret work is excquisite which is why I couldn't leave them out. You can see I had a real false start and was really close to binning them but kept on. They need cutting about quite a bit to make fit in terms of length, but its do able.

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Looking good so far mate,

It's going to be huge! I'm building a 1/48 at the moment, just wandering if you've thought about painting it yet? If so and if you use acrylics what are you planning on using? I was considering Gunze but they're hard to get ahold of. Tamyia would be far easier.

Anyway best of luck with the build, I'll be watching with interest.


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Hi Justin,

As far as painting, I first saw an (uncorrected) built up one of these in a model shop in Virginia when I was in the states in 2007. Having seen what an outstanding piece of kit it was I decided to SWMBO for one that Christmas and just on the off chance I bought the set of flanker paints by Modelmaster. High quality enamels basically., however the flanker interior green they provided was far to green so I resorted to good old Humbrol 87 for the wheel wells and Revell 49 for the cockpit.

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Teeny tiny Update re this build, mainly in part to a stupendous dose of the S**ts


The fuselage is now together and, following the removal of a little material from the bottom fuselage moulding, the Zacto nose dry fitted.



In addition I did the cannon with citadel paints and washes but will leave it out until the main body has been painted, and yes it can be added at a later stage with a struggle.


Whilst on the subject of the cannon, what were Trumpy thinking when they looked at the dimensions for this?


Look at the size of that gap. I want the cover to be removable so filler is out of the question. ah well.

I made an initial start on the u/c legs. The kit provides a set of springs which allow the oleos to move inside the leg bodies. Very nice except he tiny plastic retaining pin provided is quite clearly not up to the job and no doubt will eventually fail. I replaced said item with a length of brass rod cutting it to size and filling securing it with C/A glue. lot better.


Anyhow hopefully might get some serious stuff done this weekend.

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Whilst on the subject of the cannon, what were Trumpy thinking when they looked at the dimensions for this?


Look at the size of that gap. I want the cover to be removable so filler is out of the question. ah well.

That panel might be amenable to some judicious cutting and shimming with plastic card.


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Hey Pharty,

Check out this for reference if you are building the big Flanker:


(and go to left side menu, models built in 2005 - sorry no direct link!)

I think Masa Narita's Flanker is probably the best scale model build I have seen, bar none.

Good luck with yours, I'm sure it will be awesome! :gobsmacked:



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Ok long overdue an update for this beastie. Please excuse the amount of photos

Work, and stuff has yet again got in the way, In addition one weekend was taken up with ....what was it? oh yes Telford. This however was the additional inspiration I needed.

I came away with a few bits and bobs but mainly a Trumpy 1/32 Swordfish!!!!!! That was after I had casually mentioned that I wouldn't mind having a pop at one one day, to a close mate of mine. Next thing a large bag is thrust into my hand.

Not my usual genre but i'm really quite looking forward to it Thanks Rich... :thumbsup::thumbsup2:

Anyhow on with t'update.

The main "bits" have been pieced together ready for final assembly. This thing is HUGE with a capital HUGE. I definitely want a Ukranian UB next!

Just to give you an idea!


The Intakes are on. I must admit I had a little trouble battening these down as the bottom of the fuselage moulding appeared to be warped slightly so a bit of manipulation was applied together with cryo and zip drier.

This had the effect of pinning the intakes in place while I coaxed the remainder. Dry fitting many many times together with minimal re shaping of Chris's (Zactoman) excellent intake housings eventually got the buggers to fit. As I say, the difficulty came from the warped fuselage. Cutting the plastic out for the intakes to fit, makes the bottom fuselage VERY flexible. Next time I will fit the intakes BEFORE mating the fuselage halves as per the instructions and not try to be clever! :banghead:

A small gap at the join between the resin and the kit engine tunnel was the result. A little more work will be done here.




In addition once the blending has been finished I will add some additional plumbing to the wheel bays.

Another area of work I have very nearly completed are the undercarriage legs.

As I previously explained, I strengthened these with a little brass pin to replace the plastic affair supplied by Trumpeter. To my surprise the suspension is fully working, although I will leave the snow guard bars off until the very last minute.


I have sprayed, dry brushed and added a few paint chips to the main wheels. Iv'e just laid my hands on some copper wire strands so will be adding a few brake pipes to totally finish these.

Following a lot of material removal from the kit, the Zacto nose is in position and fixed.

Beautiful fit with only the smallest of gaps to be dealt with on the underside.



Now for the "time vampire" but a must for anyone thinking of building one of these big Flankers, the Zacto cockpit.

For anyone not having dealt with vacform canopies before, it can be very daunting but to put it simply the key is patience and repeated accurate cutting with a VERY sharp knife.

To enlighten you. the canopy "glass" comes in one large moulded piece with a lot of excess. The cut lines can be very difficult to see so taking time to run lengths of tape along the cut lines pays dividends. the end result is a correctly shaped, more pleasing canopy.

Trumpy original


Zacto corrected canopy


I have partially masked this for painting but couldnt resist a cheeky butchers. The front section of windscreen together with the IRST lens have been tinted with the old Klear and yellow food colouring trick. The photos don't do it justice but it it subtly different.

The canopy interior is also a work of art even down to the compass on the windscreen support.


Canopy platform is finished



and finally ( thank gawd you say) Iv'e filled that canyon by the gun bay cover with a little plastic strip and a good rub down.


One last look at this beauty!


I wont leave it as long before the next one.

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Great update...!!

Your looking good wit the Flanker.........



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Looking good mate, can imagine this kit is huge!

I too have plans for a Ukranian UB but in 1/48. That said if Zactoman corrects the UB canopy as I think he plans to do, I may be tempted to one of these beasts myself!

Keep up the good work!


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