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Airfix 1/24 Mosquito


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At Yeovilton, today.


Rivets are only just visible, on the elevators, on the model


There were no gaps (or filler) visible, on any joins (I met Jay Laverty, there, and he said that he's used no filler on his example, either.)


Very fine pipework on the engines (around 1/32" dia., I'd say.)


A selection of "bits"


And a few more


I do have a few more, but don't want to be accused of "hogging," but was totally impressed by the quality. The two Hornby lads were very upbeat, especially about the fit, and said that their mould-makers are getting better with each kit. The surface (as it should be) is totally smooth, with none of the old "pebble-dash" surface, and the thinness of some of the parts (cowlings, for example) was a joy to behold. Sorry, couldn't get any sprue shots, since they didn't have any complete frames, but some will be appearing on Hornby's site, soon. No sign of a decal sheet, either.

1st., or 2nd., week in December was their projected date for issue.

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Yup was there too today, and its truely massive. I'm not a mossie fan and I thought it was brilliant. You could get it on tick from the wife at 10 pounds per month!. I did drop a hint to the too guys about re-releasing the 1/48 Lightning whilst the subjet is hot poop............................

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Thanks for those Edgar,

I adore the Mossie :wub: , but unfortunately won't be getting one of these.

a. Too expensive for my budget :weep:

b. Too big for my spare room :weep:

c. Likely to cause a divorce due to a & b :chair:

I'd still love one though.


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Thanks for posting the pics Edgar - I saw it too but couldn't take any photos on account of having stupidly left my camera at home... :doh:

Having seen it in the flesh all I can say is I want, I want one, I want one (repeat ad nauseum).

I'll worry about the logistics of size, space etc later. With Christmas and my birthday coming up I could include it on my annual wish list and see if my wife takes the hint.

I also asked about the Spitfire IX's, seems they're in country being reworked due to a fault being identified whilst they were on the high seas to the UK, I wonder if that's a replacement fuselage half due to the radio/camera hatch appearing where it shouldn't? :hmmm:

The Hornby guys were really upbeat, it seems that a lot is due fairly soon (e.g in the November - February timeslot) so keep your eyes peeled.


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There's more:-


This is the part that really got me going; when Scale Models wrote the original critique of the Revell 1/32 kit, they got the shape of the u/c nacelle wrong. It's convex around the wheel well, but, from a diagonal panel line, it dives into a concave shape, and it looks as though Airfix have got it right.


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More "bits" The instrument panel's in this lot, and a bit of fiddling will bring up the detail; no sign of the instrument faces, though, sorry.


more bits


and more


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