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TU-22 Blinder

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Looks Very Nice Paul.

Provided ye have a good plan of attack, i think you could actually have a lot of fun doing the paint scheme, between the silver dope, bare metal, white anti-flash/ solar protection, and off-white coloured composite sections. Do keep us posted.



Some limited progress in the last week, although hampered by my loved one dropping it and breaking off the nose and one horizontal stab!

Anyway, here she is


Full steam ahead comrades!

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I've had another disaster! After a coat of primer the model fell off the kitchen table and snapped in two at a major join, repaired now and I'm hoping it won't be too visible.


Also lost the very tip of the left wing, so I had to graft a peice of Novo Sea Vixen on. Its not quite the same profile, but it won't look to bad when finished (I hope!).


This is turning into a slog, thanks to my clumsyness and general incompetence :banghead:

But some of the sub assembly bits are coming on OK


I think I might be able to do this for the deadline, and the workers naturally.

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Had an afternoon of manic spraying yesterday and after much mithril silver its not looking too shabby.


Hopefully I can finish her completely for the weekend.

Thanks to everyone leaving such motivating comments, it certainly helps when building one of the big boxes from the stash :cheers:

Also, thanks to those that posted reference pics that also really helped :thumbsup:

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She is complete comrades!


I really enjoyed this build, despite all the disasters along the way!

I'll post more pics in the Gallery.

Thanks to everyone that has commented and helped with answers to my questions :cheers:

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