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Not the Red Star Gallery

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Some old photo's of a kit I built a good few years ago now, it is Tamiya's Mig 15 with Eduard etch, finished in Tamiya acrylics and Alclad.




Great little kit....

I still have a set of the blue stencils (can't remeber who made them) if anyone needs them.

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This is my contribution.I don't even know what model it is...other than it was a cheap one :winkgrin:

Yes it's a "Tail Sitter", no instructions and no decals meant I had no idea it needed lead in the nose.The stars are panel lines painted,and it was all done by hand.What do you expect for a kit that was 60% put together by the cheapo chinese factory and cost less than $5? And yes those are sidewinders....didn't have any 1/72 Russian kit.


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