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Your Top 5 Cold War Aircraft worldwide use


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There are so many to choose from...

Not forgetting we are talking about non-UK aircraft...

In no particular order:

C-130 - more than fifty years in service now and still going strong in MANY countries.

MiG-21 - quantity has a quality all of its own ;)

Su-27 - I bet this gave many a NATO pilot bad dreams in the last years of the Cold War.

F-4 - in service with many air arms and battle tested many times in many different roles.

SR-71 - a truly amazing piece of engineering, never once touched despite the Soviet's best efforts.

And the ones that I don't think were much good:

F-104 - overrated, the USAF got rid of it as soon as they could and it appears many of the foreign purchasers were bribed into buying it.

MiG-23 - looks like the Soviets forgot to learn the lessons about non-agile missile fighters the Americans did over Vietnam.

MiG-25 - after the Belenko defection it became clear NATO had been getting all worked up over nothing.

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My five would be, judged solely by the Top Gear "cool wall" principle

1/ EE Lightning

2/ Sukhoi Su15

3/ Viggen

4/ F15 Eagle

5/ Sea Vixen

Would Kirsten Scott Thomas be seen in any of these?


Anyhoo my tuppence worth (again in no particular order):

MiG 17: the backbone of many a conflict

Douglas A-1: just because it just looks so cool all loaded up

Mirage III/V family: for all those neat colour schemes

C130: so good its replacement looks remarkably similar 50 years on

UH1: the best thing ever with a rotating wingspar

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This is a tricky one, here goes;

1. SR-71 Blackbird

2. F-106 Delta Dart

3. Mig 25 Foxbat

4. F-4 Phantom

5. SAAB Viggen

I seem to have picked mostly interceptors, so maybe the SR-71 should be swapped for a YF-12!

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Well my choices are

1. F-104 Starfighter

2. EE Lightning---- Now this is the Cold war fighter when I think of aicraft in the cold war.

3.Hawker Hunter

4.F-86 Sabre


More on the list



8.F-101 Voodoo

Thats my selection that comes to mind when I think of the Cold war.


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OK, worldwide........no particular order.... :analintruder:


MiG 21

EE Lightning, because it just looked bad bottom even sitting still :thumbsup2:


Mirage III

Cheers, Ian

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1. Mirage III family - elegant, tough, allways a winner and still soldiering on in various forms (Rumour has it that the SAAF chettahs are to be sold to a South American Nation which will keep it going for a while longer)

2. Mirage F1 - for pure prettiness, and bit quite hard hitter in its day ...

3. Canberra - say no more

4. C -130 no conflict has been complete without it in one or the other role

5. C47 - an escapee from an earlier age and still going strong ....


Blimey, my 100th post :speak_cool:

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Hm this was not easy, have too many I like but number one is no problem.

1. F-104 Starfighter.

2. Yak-28.

3. Mig-21.

4. F-86.

5. F-5.


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My top five (non- RAF) are:

F-4 Phantom (for it's sheer ubiquitous-ness)

F-111 (the first operational swing-wing fighter, need I say more)

B-36 (My uncle was a bomb handler on these monsters, so a special place is reserved)

MiG-21 (the Soviet bloc equivalent (in production terms) of the F-4)

MiG-23/37 (the Soviet bloc equivalent of the F-111)

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Cold War...USA-USSR, as defined, so: B-52, SR-71, F-4, Mig-21, KC-135.



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