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Count me in.


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Shot on a coat of Alclad dark aluminium and it's gone grey! :blink:

Didn't think there was too much moisture in the air, or have I buggered up somewhere?

Noticed I'd forgot to add the fuel filler cap before spraying so I've glued it on and away to head out on the bike for a couple hours. That should give everything a chance to cure off before I shoot a second coat on to see if that looks any better.

Here's a photo of how it looks.


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Oh bugger! Guess who just sprayed Tamiya rattle-can acrylic white over a rudder painted in Humbrol enamels, with the enevitable results? :badmood:

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Glad I am not the only one who gets caught out, every now and then, not thinking.

The Alclad seems strange. Maybe it was just too thin a coat. I have noticed, more than with enamels, that the undercoat can make such a difference to the final look, even after a few coats.



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Cheers Grant, had a go at polishing the Alclad yesterday and it came up fine.

Spent last night masking the cowl in spots with a latex mask to simulate the weathering then sprayed her this morning with Humbrol satin black 85. Think it came out OK.


Shame I didn't get the mask for the fin burnished down properly so got that to clean up some time.

Next task is getting the undercarriage sorted.

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Got most of the undercarriage components on, including some new central bracing struts to replace the slightly short kit item, then built a new gun-mount to put in place of the rather weedy kit parts.


These are all painted now so once it's dry I'll add the suspension bungies just inboard of the mainwheels and sort out the tail skid. Dare say it'll be the weekend before I get back to that, have to spend tomorrow at Glentress testing the new Trek bikes :yahoo::bristow:

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Spent the whole evening tinkering with little bits, mainly in the undercarriage and control cable struts.

The main wheels had the hubs dry-brushed with dark grey to lift my attempt to represent the spokes showing against the taught fabric covers. The axle was also trimmed to move the wheels closer to the struts and the main rigging eye that mounts on the meeting point of the centre struts was also formed from twisted fuse wire.


The skid had some 10amp fuse wire added to represent the suspension bungy and a couple of squares of 10 thou. card to represent the pivot point.


The upper support struts had a 10 thou. plate fitted between them with some pre-drilled holes for the control wires to thread through.


After a little detail work and painting tomorrow it'll be time to get rigging!

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That's starting to look really nice Col :speak_cool: Like the little details you're adding.

Cheers mate, starting to think I was talking to myself for a while there.

I'm very grateful to Bob for the Windsock Datafile on this machine, it's the only reference I have but it's a good one for much of the small details that need adding. Have a sneaking suspicion I'll finish this one just in time for someone to find a pristine example locked away in a barn somewhere in rural France and all my interpretations will be proved wrong :lol:

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Looking great, can't wait to see her finished!

Cheers Perry, so am I! :lol:

It's suddenly dawned on me just how close this one is getting to the finish, seemed to be going together very quickly over the last few days.

Spent most of the evening researching the control wires and their related components, think I know what parts I need to make and where everything goes at last. With my mind settled on that front I decided to make the control horns for the rudder and elevators, then I had a thought - does it all fit?

Nope :fraidnot:

The rudder is too big to fit within the support structure for the tail skid. That'll be the rudder I spent an age getting the decals to wrap around and look good. The same rudder that now needs 1 & 1/2 millimeters hacked off the bottom before it'll work :badmood:

Had a go with the spare supplied in the kit, this should give you an idea of what I'm gibbering on about.


Still can't work out why some muppet decided to make a 1/32nd rudder for a 1/48th kit.

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No photos for this update but thought I'd keep you all posted on how it's going.

The rudder is now sorted and touched up with some reasonably close matches from Humbrol enamel paints.

The rigging is under-way using some very fine copper wire from a long-dead radio. It's far from perfect but all part of the learning curve. Right? :shrug:

Once that's done I'll make and fit a windscreen then add the rudder and elevator to finish her off.

At this rate she may be done before New Year.

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Cheers fella, here's how it's looking after a wee bit more work today.


This was the most difficult part of it all, as you can see the wire isn't as tight as I'd have liked and it took ages studying photos to figure out what happened in there so I could make the parts required.


I initially hoped to have her finished today but now I don't want to rush things and spoil her. Besides, there's always tomorrow ;)

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Looking good Col what are you using for the rigging :)

THanks Steve.

I've got this reel of very fine copper wire that csme out of some old electrical component, possibly a radio.

Thought it might do this very job when I first came across it and it sat in the odds and sods drawer for years until now

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Added the scratch-built windscreen, rudder control wires, glued on the tailfin and painted the rigging and control wires Humbrol 53 gunmetal today while swapping between this build and decaling the Revell 144th Mk.1 Hunter.


In the five months it's taken I've made a number of personal modelling firsts.

First WWI build.

First completed GB build.

First use of an airbrush.

First use of Future.

First use of Alclad.

First attempt at rigging.

Special thanks has to go to Nick for hosting this GB and Bob for the Windsock Datafile that made this possible. Cheers guys!

I'll try to take better photos for the finished builds thread when daylight returns.

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Thank you very much lads, finally got some photos in daylight today so I'll away and add them to the finished builds thread so you can get a better look at all the mistakes ;)

Col von Gladtobe-Done.

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