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Some nice builds in this thread.

I liked the Matchbox Gnat, I wonder if Revell will ever re-issue it.

Sorry I have no pic of mine, but it bit the dust a long while ago!

But I think I have a pic of one my late dad built one year.

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i used to get my mbox kits as a brat when my granddad went to the local warehouse as he had a corner shop, so if it was a school holiday and i went with him i could get any i want..........remember having a load of spitfires built, hung from the roof. if i got airfix kits, that was from the local model shop but Mbox always from the warehouse....

remember when my nan died, in her wardrobe i found some that she got stocked up, to give me on birthdays n xmas's etc but obviously forgot to lol.

i still have to complete, the large venom, but smaller strikemaster and 2 seater hunter, been half way through for many years now....

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OK...seeing as we are are all on a bit of a Matchbox bender here i thought i'd put my Halifax on....ok... its the Revell re pop but i think it qualifies. Built OOB apart from drilling some hole in the front of the exhaust manifolds.



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:wow: Some really amazing stuff on here, will have a good look through when I've got some more time...
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I really enjoyed reading this thread - as I scrolled down the page it brought back so many memories! Anyway, I thought I'd share my recent attempts at a MB Hurricane which was built purely for nostalgia's sake - no weathering, washes or anything else. I think I'll have to do a few more of these - maybe the Spit IX next? PS If anybody has a spare tailwheel...








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G'day people,

I missed thus thread the first time around but the bus is back in town so here are a couple of mine:

The Revell re-pop of the Matchbox Wimpy, in a maritime scheme operated by 455 SQN RAAF bird in Bone, Algeria





I built the extended Leigh light and added the rockets and launchers. 455SQN sank at least one sub with them I believe

The Matchbox Wimpy may not be as detailed as the Italeri/MPM/Trumpeter boxings, but I does go together extremely well and IMHO it still has THE BEST representation of fabric covered Geodetic construction of all the kits.

And the Vickers Wellesley.









This is one is done up as one of the three birds that set a world record flight. This particular aircraft suffered an oil line failure but made a successful emergency landing in the outback. The crew were stranded for a couple of days until a rescue party was able to trek and rescue them. The aircraft was abandoned even though it only needed an oil line, and the aircraft was later bought by the RAAF as a WWII instructional airframe after changing hands several times. It was scrapped after the war :(

Lastly, a plug for a current Matchbox build in progress, happening over in the Buccaneer group build





Linky here


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Wow, some great builds there, I've got the Falcon canopy sets for the Wellington and Welsley, so may just have to get the kits as you've shown they can come up well.

Here's a couple I've built recently, they've been up before, but it's only right to put them in the Matchbox section...

First one completed late last year is the Swordfish with some extra detailing in the cockpit




Second one is a Christmas build, the ugly but interesting Heyford




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Some really nice builds on here, shows what can be done with these old kits.

Might as well add a couple of pics of my recently completed matchbox Hunter T7!!





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Keep 'em coming lads.

Some lovely builds there. :thumbsup:

Here's my Dooleybird, from last year.




I'm gonna try and get a few more Matchboxers done this year.

Love 'em. :wub:

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Looking over the past six pages I am impressed with the overall high to excellent quality of the models presented. Say what you will about the simplicity of the Matchbox offerings, almost every one of them provided the average modeller the opportunity to create a masterpiece.

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That is nice I never built the Matchbox B-17, but it sure does look nice.

Its not bad but i wish I'd got the new Revell one instead. I'd forgotten about it and got this 2 days before it came out

Still I'd built one when I was younger and remember it being way better than the old Airfix one my mate built.

Forgot to say, the main wheels are True Details resin to replace featureless kit wheels and decals are not 100% accurate as I had to make do with some damaged kit decals and some spare Airfix ones.

Other than that its OOB

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Percival Piston provost.

All Match box kits with Max Decals.

have had them for a few years now in 72 scale but ideal for the subjects,

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I saw this tread and decided to add a couple of mine from the Matchbox stable

Recently completed Meteor NF14


and a P-38 which I finished a couple of months ago



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