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A Dac & a Strat

Diesel Gypsy

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Here are two I finished recently.

I really like these Minicraft kits, I appreciate they have their faults that the purest will wish to correct, but I like them like my choc's, straight from the box.



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Nice work .... looks like these were fun to do

I enjoy building propliners as a change of pace from the truck & dragster's which are my staple.

I'm inclined to add more detail the trucks & dragsters which can make them a longer & more complex build, & even frustrating at times.

Every now & again it's nice to build somthing streight from the box. No fuss, no hassle, maybe an aerial wire added, but nothing too taxing. Just a fun relaxing build.

I find this refreshing & helps to rekindle my interest in a project that is becoming stagnant & stale. I've heard it called Modellers block.

Plus, between the wars airliners holds a great fascination for me.

Thanks for you're comments seanrgb & nzder56 I'm pleased you like them.

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