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1/24 BAe 146/200 scratch build

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With some time off work I made a request for some info on the BAe 146 airliner, and I must say that my fellow BMers have come up with the goods!

Thanks to all those who ahve supplied info. Big thanks to Derek (dereknf) for the plans!



Any way I did some calculations on the size. It will be a biggie!!!

length 119cm

wing span 109cm

height 36cm

I made a start by cutting a "keel" this is 119cm by 14 cm, (height of the fuselage less some for the skin) then with the plans I mapped out the basic shape of the nose on the end


I then cut 28 identical bits to give me a frame of the centre section of the fuselage


next jobs are to cut the basic shape out, work out and cut the formers for the nose and tail.

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they are all cut with a jigsaw, and final shaping with a sander.

Its a fit of madness. thats what time off does.

Im even starting my wish list, this, then a 1-11, then Trident, then VC 10, then 737 classic, then.............

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Update, sorry the pic is poor!

I have cut the basic out line on the keel, removed the cockpit section and started to line it with plasticard. Most of the ribs are now in place, it just needs a few more cutting and fitting then Ill start covering the fuselage.


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Why don't you go the whole hog, fit some engines, flying surfaces, RC equipment and make it flyable!!! :winkgrin: ........................................great project...where the Hell are you going to put it ??????? :hypnotised:

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Not discussed storage. Avoiding that conversation with the wife :fraidnot:

As for RC, I did think of that, but it is complex enough as it is!

I may do a RC one in the future though!

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This is just insane!!!! WOW! Looking forward to updates!

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Rich, that is fantastic. This is like waiting for the next episode of a favourite TV series. I can't wait to see what happens next. :):popcorn:

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Not much change with this as Im away for the week!

before I went I decided I did not like how the cockpit was going so I ripped all the ribs off and have put in some lumps of wood below the floor to be shaped, and have formed the walls up to the window line in plasticard. Will be covering with car body filler and sand to shape.

Pics when I get back!

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Not much of an update due to hoildays and a family emergancy.

Some pics showing the work I have done arround the cockpit. The plasticard will be covered in car body filler and sanded back to the ribs Ive put in.

I have also built a plastic roof for the cockpit. This is removable and will be fixed when the cockpit is done.



the ply will be sanded back to shape when the cockpit is done.

As Ive managed to give this project a few hours today I have built the cockpit. the seats are from a Fujimi Golf, modified of course, other bits and bobs have made up other details.

i have a lot of car dash decalsthat will be cut up and used for dials etc.

Not ment to be accurate just will look good through the windows!


Its not all glued yet! Just placed there!

Now need to find some figures to add!


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Right, I have decided that this will be done in Flybe livery, (JEAG) after I found a pic in my moms photo albums of me about to go on my hols on it!

Hoping to get some work done tomorrow. Needs some sanding and filling around the nose and I want to get the nose gear bay shaped and lined in plastic as its just a big wooden hole at the min!

Have got the tail and wing sections drawen up ready to cut. Have had a look for some wheels, and will get them ordeerd from a RC plane site soon so I can get the gear made up, not sure how to do the main yet for strength and look due to the shape.

Some pics tomorrow (hopefully) and some work (hopefully)

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Some pics,

the nose area has been filled and roughly sanded to shape



The centre section of the wings has been cut from ply, laminated at the root, the control surfaces will be done in plastic, and the wing shaped over this frame


Wings placed on to see the size, unfortunatly the wife walked in just after this pic so cant hide the size any more!


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I have read this thread several times before replying because I just wanted to check I wasnt dreaming :yikes: You keep going my friend, because this looks bloody good so far............ Oh ignore the misses, just tell her its going on the ceiling :whistle::rofl:



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Thanks for the comments!

Need to get some wire for the lighting, so that can be run before skinning the fuselage!

I am visiting a LMS that I have just discovered in walsall to see if i can get some thin Ply, to cover it. I also need to re-do the back of the fuselage as i now have a pic of the air-brake open and guess what...........

Its only a bit more work......

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  • 3 weeks later...

OK, Update with pics.....


tail is on, shaped with plywood and softwood. Lots of filler and sanding to get a shape. its held by 3 small bolts so can be removed as the build continues!

the rudder is plasticard


the nose has been filled again with some soft wood and filler. A basic shape has been sanded with a power sander, to be finished with wet and dry, and more filler!


this is how she sits now!

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Done a bit today, working on the tail still, I an building in plastiard now, and have done the control surfaces, and will later work out the rest!

Ive got some 32thou ply to skin, but how do I make it bend????

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