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after a long step away from the hobby i think this might just give me a kick in the right direction a gb of my most intresting subject ... F.A.A i have a few that i can pick from , wessex , vixen 1, sea vampire , sea venom , two types of sea fire , 1:48 wessex , sea balliol , ohhh i think i may do a few entries on this one i think i have some different subjects so far , any faves anybody ??

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Not sure what i'll build yet, but I have the following contenders:

1/24 Airfix Sea Harrier FRS.1 (Though I may be pushing it a bit to get this built and detailed to do it justice in just over three months!!)

1/48 Airfix Sea Harrier FA.2 w/Aeroclub seat (This too will need some work to bring it up to scratch, though easier and less time consuming than its big brother mentioned above)

1/48 Italeri grumman Avenger(Tarpon) (This would/should be a great one and relatively easy too)

1/32 Revell (ex-Matchbox) Spitfire Mk.24 converted with Jen's resin set to the Seafire (Easier now Colin@freightdog has some decals available for it!)

1/72 Trumpeter Wyvern (straight from the box)

1/72 Airfix Navy Lynx (I have the Airwaves set for this to add some much needed detail)

1/72 Italeri Merlin HAS.1 (Started this a while ago, but still needs a lot of work as i'm installing the Eduard interior and exterior etched sets)

So, food for thought, I'm thinking the 24th SHar is a bit ambitious, but some of the rest should be doable, if not all of them!!! :coolio:

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Not sure myself yet, but it'll be one or more from the following, all in 1/72 of course :D

Fujimi Phantom FG.1

Xtrakit Scimitar F.1

Revell Gannet AS.1

Hasegawa Harrier GR.9

Revell Merlin HM.1

and if they're released in time....

Airfix Sea Harrier FRS.1

Airfix Sea Harrier FA.2

I'd be most tempted to do the three Harriers, but I'll have to see how other GB commitments go :)

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I'll be shifting the Skyraider AEW from the Alan Hall GB to this one, I have actually started it so keen to get it done.

If I've time I'll throw in a Special Hobby Barracuda MkIII as well.

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I'll most likely make one of the following for this. If I get round to it :unsure:

1:48 Airfix Sea Harrier FA2

1:48 Airfix Seafire L.IIc

1:72 Airfix Fairey Fulmar

1:72 Revell Gannet AS1

1:72 Italeri Merlin HMA1

1:72 Airfix Sea Harrier FRS1 - Under Construction

1:72 Italeri Sea Harrier FRS1 - Under Construction


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Hello all,

Long time no see! I failed wildly with my world naval forces group build as I had to go and play with real aircraft.

I definitely have the stuff in my stash as FAA is what I do! But what to do? I am planning a phantom on the cat anyway so will try and build the aircraft for that. Anyway here are some choices, what would you like to see? It will give me the KUTA and motiviation to build them

1/48 892 Phantom on cat

1/48 Phantom either PTF, 767 or 700P squadrons (I have enough in the stash to do all of them)

1/48 Trumpeter Wyvern

1/48 Seahawk Mk6

I also have a almost (80%) finished Seafire which can go on the table and a Colonial Navy Tomb


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Hi lads,

If i can :) Ill either do a (both in 1:48 Scale) Hasegawa Harrier GR.9 Special 'Navy 100' scheme from the NSW at RAF Cottesmore, or ill do a FRADU Hawk again in the 'Navy 100' special scheme. The harrier is made and just needs painting and the hawk is half way through making :)

All the best,

Matt :)

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OK, I've mulled it over and can confirm I'll be doing a 1/72 Hasegawa Harrier GR.7A of 800 NAS for starters, probably throwing a bit of resin at it as well.

Hopefully, by the time that's done, the new Airfix Shars will be out. I'll probably build them OOB, though the FA.2 will have some aftermarket decals to finish her in the markings of 801 NAS.

Bit of a mini Harrier GB for me, but then the world can't have too many Harriers :wub:

I'll get a build thread up and running for the GR.7A once the Wimpy is finished :)

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