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Would you like a Wurger with those fries?

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G'yday folks, nuther quickie build :D Typical Tamiya fair with no real (or percieved!) dramas with the build. U/C legs are a bit tricky.........takes a bit of :violin:ing about to get that Wurger stance correct. I think the FW190 series should have been sailors with legs like that :blink: I messed around with the kit markings and added a few of my own from the spares box so this bird does not represent any airmens in particular. Finnished with Humbrol, Modelmaster Enamels and a bit of experimenting in colour mixes.

Anyways ladies and gentlemens have a look, be healthy, happy and content and I'll catch you all up in a bit.


Jim :cheers:






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A great looking model there; beautifully finished.

(Very fine table linen too, I can't help noticing)

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Thanks lads :thumbsup2: and we'll keep it quiet about the linen too eh? :fight: Mrs JimInOz will ave me guts for garters if she new :chair: . That there is 50 Bazillian thread count or summfin, made sure I shook it out good before puttin it back in the linen cupboard ;)

Cheers and thanks again for the kind comments.

Jim :D

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