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Hawker Hurricane sub collection

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My first post on Britmodeller and I can't think of a better way to start!

Outstanding work and really a very moving thread to see you and your father working on the project together....Lots of great memories for you to cherish. From the first page I was hooked and have enjoyed scrolling through the pages and smiling at the results of your labors.....how your father did those fabric wings was very cool!

A salute to you and your father.....


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Hi to all

My father has finished two more Hurricanes.

1) Hurricane Mk I LU/M - V7504 Bedford Basin, Halifax, Nova Scotia




Both Hurricat finished. The previous one was made more that 10 years ago.



The Mk I SF V7752 was added to the project one week ago when we found the photo. We did not have a Hurricane with this kind of fuselage's bands.

2) Hurricane Mk I SF - V7752 – 137 Sqn – Eindhoven – October 1944.






I hope you like them.

Kind regards


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Another beauty. Even more so because it's a Sea Hurricane, and they're under-represented in most Hurricane collections.

Obi-Jiff :fish:

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Hi to all

Here are the final photos of the latest Hurricane made by my father.

With these Hurricane we complete our collection of 109 Hurricane and Sea Hurricane.

Hurricane Mk IIB –BM936 F – 136 Sqn - Burma 1943 - Anglo Argentine pilot Officer Ian "Ñaña" Adamson




Hurricane Mk II C - ??? 50/X – 521 Sqn . Docking – September 1944




Hurricane Mk II C BD936 ZY.S – 247 Sqn – Exter . 1942




Hurricane Mk II C LF264 MU-L – 60 Sqn – Burma . 1944 - Anglo Argentine pilot Sqn Leader Richard (suertudo) Lindsell DFC, RCAFVR, OC




Hurricane Mk IIC LF380 FI-D – 83 Sqn – Peplow – June 1944




I will post the final group photos in the following days.

Kind regards


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Great looking builds again!On 50-X,what is that 'thing' on the starboard wing?


Hi Mike

Sorry for the delay in reply you.

This Hurricane was used for meteorological duties so I guess it was an instrument related with this purposes.

Kind regards


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Hello to all of you.

My father has finished the last model of our Hawker Hurricane / Sea Hurricane sub collection.

I believe that he has done a extraordinary job building these lovely models in so little time. It took me two years to select the aircrafts and find the related information for each one and my father built all of them in one year and a half.

As part of our main goal, the intention of this project was to show the history and the develpment of the Hawker Hurricane during the world war two between the limits of our collection.

We tried to make each one as best as we could, checking and double checking not only the information of our files but also asking other modelers and hystorian.

Of course you will probably find mistakes but please keep in mind that we built 109 models.

As I mentioned before, many people have helped us with project not only by sending us photos and personal information but spending time with further explanation about the history of specific aircrafts.

We do not have enough words to say: MANY THANKS.

These are some of the extrordinary peoples which have helped us with this project: Alaistor Mellor, Alec Smith, Antoni, Anthony Williams, Claudio Meaunier , Colin Shipton, Dave Charles, Dave Fleming, Dave Homewood, Dean Wingrin, Doug, Enzo Biancardi, Erik Pilawskii, Frederick Harris, Glenn R, Graham Boak, Graham Green, Ian Gazeley, IPMS Uruguay (Alvaro Manser y Alvaro Brasesco) , Javier Planells, Jerry Vernon (via Norman Malayney), Jim Bates, Jonathan Davis, Kjetil Aakra, Mr. Ragnar Ragnarsson (via Sigurjon), Dragan, Mihail Solanakis, Nick Millman, Norman malayney, Pablo Zieger, Peter Malone, Phil Cater, Ricardo Lezon, Richard Humm, Richard Owen, Robat Humphreys, Sigurjon Valsson, Sinuhe, Prof. Hahn, Stefaan Bouwer y Steve Mackenzie.

I would like to point out that without the kindly assistance of Luis Cid we could not built many of these models. He spent a lot of time doing unique decals for us.

These are the final photos

All the Hurricane / Sea Hurricane together










All the Hurricane Mk I



All the Hurricane Mk IIA




All the Hurricane Mk IIB



All the Hurricane Mk IIC




All the Hurricane Mk IID


All the Hurricane Mk IV



All the Sea Hurricane (including the “Hurricat”)



Sub groups photos.

All the Hurricane Mk I (Fabric covered wings).


RCAF Hurricane


RAF (Yugoslav) Squadron Hurricane


South Africane Hurricane


PRU Hurricane


All Black Hurricane


I hope you like these models.

This is the list of the Hawker Hurricane / Sea Hurricane included in this project

1) Hawker Hurricane Prototype.

2) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - L1551 - 111 Sqn - Northolt, UK - July 1938

3) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - L1584 - 111 Sqn - Circa - July 1938

4) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - L1599 - 56 Sqn - Circa - late 1938

5) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - L1669 - Martlesham Heath prior to its depatch to Khartoum – May 1939

(L1669 was the first Hurricane to be fitted with a tropical air filter).

6) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - L1711 - 1 SAAF Sqn - Waterkloof Air Station – March 1939

7) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - L1750 - A/AAE - 24/05/1939

(L1750 first flew with a Swiss Oerlikon cannon slung beneath each wing on May 24, 1939)

8) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - Pabby III - 73 Sqn - Rouvres, France - Early 1940 - Flg. Off. E. J. Kain

9) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - LR/R L1800 - 56 Sqn - North Weald - Mid 1939

10) Hawker Hurricane Mk I – Y L2006 - 11 Group Pilot Pool, Sutton Bridge – 1939

11) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - LK/H L2047 – 87 Sqn - Lille-Seclin, France - 01/05/1940

12) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - PO/X P2632 – 46 Sqn - HMS Gloriosus - 1940

(One of the Hurricane which “landed” aboard the HMS Gloriosus without any tipe of arrest hock)

13) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - P2638 - LG 39/Burgh el Arab, Egypt - July 1942

14) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - LK/A P2798 – 87 Sqn - Colerne, Circa - December 1940 - S/Ldr ian "Widge" Gleed

15) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - P P2992 – 527 Sqn - Calibration Sqdn Horn Church - 1943

16) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - SO/K P3221 – 145 Sqn – Westhampnett - August 1940 - Flt Lt A. H. Boyd

17) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - MF X 57 P3549 - 59 OTU - RAF Crosby Eden - April 1942 – Anglo Argentine Pilot Officer Bernardo de Laminat

(The MF X 57 P3549 was used to train combat pilot. The Argentine Volunteer Pilot Officer Bernardo De Laminar used it in air acrobatic, formation flight, form fighter attacks section and dogfight with photogun during April 1942)

18) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - GN/A P3576 – 249 Sqn - Boscombe Down - August 1940 - Flt Lt. James Nicholson (VC)

(Because the action of great courage shown by the pilot Flt Lt. James Nicholson he was awarded with the Victoria Cross).

19) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - P3818 – 3 Sqn – Benina - 01/03/1941

20) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - RF/J V6665 – 303 Sqn - Northolt, UK - August 1940 - Flight Lieutenant j. E. Kent

21) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - DT/A V6864 – 257 Sqn - North Weald - Winter 1940/1941 - S/Lr Robert Standford Tuck

22) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - V7101 – 69 Sqn - Luqa, Malta - May/june 1941 - Flt Ltg Burges

23) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - V7476 – RAAF 1 (APU) – Laverton - 1944

24) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - V7476 – RAAF - Point Cook - 1946

25) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - W9266 – 274 Sqn - Maleme, Creta - 25/05/1941 – Anglo Argentine F/L Dudley Honor DFC.

(In 25 may 1941 acredited in this machine a S-79 and Junker 52 over Maleme, Creta.)

26) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - 3 Z4769 – Takoradi - August 1941

27) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - HILLSON SLIP WING F.H. 40 (P) - Boscombe Down - April 1943

(It was designed to test the idea of "slip-wings", where the aircraft could take off as a biplane, jettison the upper, disposable wing, and continue flying as a monoplane).

28) Hawker Hurricane Mk I – serial unknown Fuka, Egypt - 01/05/1941

(Field modification. It was fitted with 40 mm cannons above the wings)

29) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - RA-S 1380 – 128 RCAF Sqn - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - June / July 1942

30) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - AG244 - Central Flying School, RRAF - Based at Norton Air Base, Rhodesia - 1945

31) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - DODO INST 257 - 151 OTU - Ambala, India – 1945

(DODO was an old Hurricane transformed for the pourpose of training pupils to operate pheumatic hand brakes in the correct manner. Previously they only had experience of the hydraulick foot brakes used on Harvards.)

32) Hawker Hurricane Mk I - V7752 – 137 Sqn - B.78 Eindhoven – Oct 1944

33) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA - V7480 – Staverton - 1942

(Towed Hurricane experiments. V7480 was used for Flight Refuelling trials at Staverton, but the scheme was abandoned because the engine became too cold to restart reliably.)

34) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA - Z2326 - A&AAE - September 1941

It was used for guns trials. It was fitted with 40 mm Roll Royce BF cannons.)

35) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA - Z2415 - A&AAE – February,1942

(The first instalation of rockets projectiles for flight trials by a Hurricane was carried out on a Mark IIA, Z2415.)

36) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA - Z2515 - A&AAE - Early 1941

(It was used for high altitute and lubricant trails)

37) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA - Z2697 - 56 Sqn - North Weald - 11/05/1941

(Apparently it was used for scheme colour camouflage trails.)

38) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA - US/W Z2767 - 56 Sqn – Duxford - 26/05/1941

(Apparently it was used for scheme colour camouflage trails.)

39) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA - K Z4575 – 1423 Sqn "Unoffically called Air Defence Iceland" – Reykjavik – 1941

(On the 15th of July, 1423 fighter flight became independent, when 98 squadron was disbanded. After that, it adobted the unofficial name "Air Defence Iceland".)

40) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIA - serial unknown - Cyrenaica, North Africa - 1941

(Field modification. It was fitted with small bombsracks).

41) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - Z3687 - Farnborought RAE - 1946

(It was used to study the laminar flow. It was fitted with GRIFFITH`s wings).

42) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - SAM Z3353 - Figther Unit - Wittering - 1942

(The Hurricane Z3353 was a Turbinlite Hurricane).

43) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - Z3451 - A&AAE - August 1941

(It was fitted with Small Bombs Carriers (SBC) used primarily for carrying six 20 lb practice bombs for training purposes).

44) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - GU 36 BD699 - 134 Sqn – Vajenga - September 1941

(Later it was flown by Captain and Vice Commander of the 72 AP Nothern Fleet B.F. Salome - Hero of the Soviet Union)

45) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - FG/Ʃ BD930 - 335 Sqn (Greek) - El Alamein - November 1942

46) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - YB/B BE171 - 17 Sqn - Mingaladon, Burma - January 1942 . Sqd Ldr "Bunny" Stone

47) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - BE198 – 28 Sqn - Cox's Bazaar, India - July 1943 - F/O Buckland

48) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - AE/N BE485 – 402 Sqn – Warmwell - 1942

49) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - BG727 - Night Figther Unit – Malta - June 1941

50) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - U BH125 - PRU 3, 631 Sqn - Agartala, India - November 1942

51) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - BH279 - 128 Sqn - Hastings, Sierra Leona - 1942

52) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - F BM936 – 136 Sqn “Woodpecker” – Burma – 1943 – Anglo Argentine Pilot Officer Ian "Ñaña" Adamson

(The second Hurricane batized by Adamson used as escort to Dakotas and Blenheims. This plane was short down

during a dogfight against Japanese Oscar on 30/03/1943 while been flown by Flying Officer Pickard who was killed in action).

53) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - BM969 - PRU 3, 631 Sqn - Agartala, India - November 1942 - Flg Off Donald Pearson "S" flight Commander

54) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - BN114 - A&AEE - March 1942

(It was fitted with two 500 lb bombs for trials).

55) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - AX/H BD888 - 1 SAAF Sqdn - November 1941

56) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB - GL-26 5265 - 1 OTU SAAF - Port Elizabeth, South Africa – 1944

57) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB – serial unknow WR-X - 40 SAAF Sqn - San Angelo, Italy – March 1944

(40 Sqdn was devided into 2 Flights. The one operated up the West Coast of Italy, and the other the East Coast. The Sqdn had this Hurricane as a sqdn Hack, and flew between the different flights. The ground crew know that Spitfires improved their performance at low level when they clipped the wing tips. They thought they would give it a try on the Hurricane, but it was a disaster.It made it fly worce).

58) Hawker Hurricane Mk XII – O 5404 - 135 RCAF Sqdn - Patricia Bay, British Columbia, Canada - August 1943

59) Hawker Hurricane Mk XII – 5624 –Test and development flight Rockcliffe – Februrary 1943

(With the Test & Development Establishment at RCAF Station Rockcliffe, Ontario, tested on skies in February and March 1943)

60) Hawker Hurricane Mk XII – 20 5686 – 1 RCAF OTU – Bagotville - 1943

61) Hawker Hurricane Mk XII – O 5405 - 135 RCAF Sqdn - Patricia Bay, British Columbia, Canada - August 1943

62) Hawker Hurricane Mk XII – 16 1365 - 1 RCAF OTU – Bagotville – 1943 - CO's Bagotville

(It had the nose painted in yellow an it was used by the CO’s at Bagotville for training pilots).

63) Hawker Hurricane Mk XII – S 5495 - 125 RCAF Sqdn - Torbay, Newfoundland - Nov 1942 - Dec 1943

(It was fitted with depht charges).

64) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIB – C AP894 – 135 Sqdn - Yelahanka, India (East Bengal) - March-May 1943 - Flt Lt W J Storey

65) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - (P) Z2905 - A&AEE - February 1942

(It was used to test long range 88 gallons auxiliary tanks)

66) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - Z3092/G - A&AEE- November 1942

(It was used for guns trials and it was fitted with double 250lbs rockets).

67) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - ZY-S BD936 – 247 Sqdn – Exter - 1942

68) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - AK/U BE643 – 213 Sqdn - Egypt, Idku - April 1942 – Anglo Argentine pilot F/L Dudley Honor DFC.

69) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC – Y HL850 – 417 Sqdn - Egypt, Idku - November 1942 – Anglo Argentine Pilot Officer Bernardo De Larminat

(Two cannons of this Hurricane were removed in order to improve the climbing performance in order to shoot down a PR JU 88 which flew every day in Alexandria taking photos of the arriving supplies).

70) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - DG630 - 208 Sqdn - Kabril, Egypt - 1942

71) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - LK-? HL864 – 87 Sqdn - Charmy Down - September 1942

72) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - A LD116 - 351 (Yug) Sqdn RAF – Libya - Summer 1944

73) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC – R LD598 – 113 Sqdn - April 1945

74) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC – N LD903 – 10 IAF Sqdn - Kyaukpyu, Burma - April 1945

75) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC – R KZ371 – 10 IAF Sqdn - Kyaukpyu, Burma - April 1945

76) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - MU-L LF264 – 60 Sqdn – Burma – 1944 – Anglo Argentine pilot Sqn Leader Richard (suertudo) Lindsell DFC, RCAFVR, OC

77) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - FI-D LF380 – 83 Sqdn – Peplow - June 1944

78) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - LE787 – India - 1944-45

(Used for bomber affiliation in India to assit in training RAF Liberator crews in 1944-45)

79) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC – X KW935 – 11 Sqdn - Cholavram

80) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - DR-H MW339 – 1555 Sqdn - Northolt (ADLS: Air Depach Letter Service) - Mid 1944

81) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - PZ865 – Langley – 1944

(The Last of Many)

82) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - unknown serial number 50/X - 521 Sqdn – Docking - September 1944

(It was used for meteorological duties).

83) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - DB-H 5307 - 11 OTU SAAF - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - 1944

84) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC – 5336 - 11 OTU SAAF - Waterloof - 1946

85) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - DR-H MW339 – 1555 Sqdn - Northolt (ADLS: Air Depach Letter Service) – June 1944

86) Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC - LB640 - 350 Figther Group Hurricane - RAF Depot at Setif Algeria - January 1944

(Field modification into a two seat Hurricane).

87) Hawker Hurricane Mk IID - JV-Z BP188 – 6 Sqdn - Egyptian desert - Mid 1942

88) Hawker Hurricane Mk IID - FJ-M KX413 – 164 "Argentine British" Sqdn - Middle Wallop - Summer 1943 – Anglo Argentine pilot F/S "Dickie" Wilson RAFVR.

89) Hawker Hurricane Mk IV - BP173 - Boscombe Down - August 1942

90) Hawker Hurricane Mk IV - FJ-B KX540 - 164 "Argentine British" Sqdn – Manston - September 1943

(This Hurricane Sheward's personal was used in occasional attacks to German coastal navigation and German ground targets during 1943. The KX540 participated in the famous mission to the Dutch Channel of Hansweert, from which he could return unharmed.)

91) Hawker Hurricane Mk IV – C KZ188 – 6 (Yug) RAF Sqdn - Prkos, Yugoslavia - April/May 1945

92) Hawker Hurricane Mk IV - KZ706 - A&AEE Boscombe Down - 1944/45

93) Hawker Hurricane Mk IV - S KZ944 – 34 RAF - Melktila, Burma - July 1945

This machine the Unit's communications hack.

94) Hawker Hurricane Mk IV – O LD975 - 351 (Yug) RAF Sqdn - Prkos, Yugoslavia – May 1945

95) Hawker Hurricane Mk IV - KX877 - Airbone Forces Experimental Establishment – Yorkshire - July 1943

It was fitted with canister for dropping testing trails.

96) Hawker Hurricane Mk V - KZ193 - Boscombe Down- November 1943

97) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IA - V6756 - Empire Tide - Late 1941

98) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IA - LU/M V7504 – MSFU - Bedford Basin, Halifax, Nova Scotia

99) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IB - W9219 – 880 Sqdn -

100) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IB - Y1-C V7438 – 759 Sqdn - RNAS Yeovilton - August 1942

101) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IB - G Z4550 –800 Sqdn - HMS Indomitable - August 1942 - Sb Lt Mouse Martyn

102) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IC – V6741

103) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk XII - JS327 –800Sqdn - HMS Biter - November 1942

104) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk XIIA - BV-T BW850 - 126 Sqdn – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada – 1942

105) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IIB - S7F P2371 – 804 Sqdn - HMS Forious – Late 1942

106) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IIC - K1-F NF728 – 768 Sqdn – Inskyp – December 1944

107) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IIC - 7 O NF688 – 835 Sqdn - HMS Nairana – August 1944

108) Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IIC - 7 T NF700 – 835 Sqdn - HMS Nairana – August 1944

109) Twin Hurricane.

It was made by my father many years ago based in an article which now confirmed that it was a fake.

I mentioned the different sources of the previous comments when I posted the photos of each models in my previous posts. This is the reason why I am not doing the same now.

Kind regards


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I am building a 1/7th scale R/C Hurricane (which I am sure won't look as good as these models) and I find this forum to be a gold mine of information. I am finishing my hurricane as a Mk1 and want to use the Black/White lower surface scheme however can anyone tell me which is the best paint match for the "white".



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As a Hurricane fan myself you and your father are to be congratulated on producing such a brilliant collection as a wonderful tribute to such a great plane-amazing and well done!

A couple of questions,

What colour did you use for the 'orange' radar calibration plane?

Have you built the last Hurricane,that was turned into a racer and painted blue with gold (I think) markings?If so,what colour blue?


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That is one amazing collection there, looks absolutely brilliant with the huge fleet all lined up - must take up quite a bit of room! :goodjob:

Theres been quite a few schemes being built here that I would like to try out for myself too

Anything else on the Sub-collection list? All the Spitfires perhaps? :D

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That is one amazing collection there, looks absolutely brilliant with the huge fleet all lined up - must take up quite a bit of room! :goodjob:

Theres been quite a few schemes being built here that I would like to try out for myself too

Anything else on the Sub-collection list? All the Spitfires perhaps? :D

Many thanks for your kindly comment. Yes, but so far we have enough space in our displays cabinets (not for long unfortunately).

To be honest, we did the Spitfire sub collection (115 models) but it was done by my father many years ago and we should add at least 10 to 15 more spitfire in the future.

So far we are woiking on the Lysander series and then the Hotspur / Horsa series and probably after that the P47 series.

Here are our some of our previous sub collections (not all of them).

In order to give you an idea about our whole collection, please find the following articles published in IPMS Stockholm magazine regarding our previous sub collections.

1) Family Resemblance, Hawker Tornado-Typhoon-Tempest-Sea Fury Line


2) Modelling for a Lifetime, A Story About the Ultimate Spitfire Collection


3) Passion for Mosquitoes


4) Tailless and Canard Experimental Aircraft of the RAF


5) 47 Miles of Scratchbuilding

Part 1 http://ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2007/01/...ko_miles_01.htm

Part 2: http://ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2007/01/...ko_miles_02.htm

6) Lend-Lease Aircraft in the Fleet Air Arm

Part 1: http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2007...m-models-01.htm

Part 2: http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2007...m-models-02.htm

Part 3: http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2007...m-models-03.htm

7) Early British Jets

Part 1: http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2008...ish-jets-01.htm

Part 2: http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2008...ish-jets-02.htm

8) Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation during the WWII.


11) P38 Lightining series


Kind regards


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One of the most amazing bodies of work in the hobby. I've followed you guys since the IPMS-Stockholm days and never fail to be impressed. Glad to hear you're tackling P-47s in the near future. While there are of course lots of camo variations, the big attraction with P-47s is all that nose art. Have you projected how many total models you'll be doing in that series? Whatever it is, I'll be watching gratefully!

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Hi Mike

Many thanks for your kindly comments and I am glad that you like the final result of this project.

I will ask my father about the color used for the radar calibration plane and revert with you.

No, we did not buil the blue one since it is our of the limits of our collection

Kind regard


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Hi Kevin

Many thanks for your kindly commnets regarding our models.

Yes, right now we are working on the Lysander series. I am also investigating about the Hotspur and I will probably start with the P47 soon. Actually I have reading all the information we have twice.

Please keep in mind that we use to ask our friend Luis who makes the decals for us only the nose art related with the Argentine pilots.

I guess that we will do aprox. 10 to 15 P47.

I still have to find the photos or information regarding the different trials performed by the P47 in Uk.

There is a little infomation about this subject.

Kind regards


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