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1/32 Tornado GR.4 - 617 Sqn, Op Telic 2003

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Hi Folks,

This is the finished article - only took me 5 months. Unfortunately the Tornado groupbuild was just 4 months crying.gif

Build thread exists again, it's HERE

Since i saw the pics i realised i'd missed a couple of blade antennae and the aircon hoses for the crew seats. They are now on!

The wire support in the canopy is just so I don't have to glue it in place.


This was (near enough) the 617 Sqn 60th Anniversary plane (AJ-T "It's Show Time") - very simple as the Squadron was actually fighting in Op Telic on the anniversary date.

I believe this aeroplane was previously called "Rects Controllers Dream" and didn't actually fly any missions as it was used for emergency spares due to some tech problem. ("It's Show Time" was actually applied to AJ-J originally.)

The noseart is wrong as applied to this aeroplane (too small and the writing in the wrong place), and the lightning strikes on the tail are also wrong.

But hey! WHO CARES!! I know what it's meant to be.


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Thanks Al, these funny fangled Tonka thingys are growing on me now thanks to you :banghead: Its been thoroughly enjoyable to watch you work as always and regardless of the errors you have mentioned, shes still bloody good and one to be proud of :mike:



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just stunning mate !

tried like a nutter to get some 1/32 tonka stuff but in the end settled for an italeri one in 48

fantastic job !

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It's been a pleasure watching your build :thumbsup:


That is truly stunning my friend, top stuff as ever :worthy:


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exellent build :hobbyhorse:

high point is the subtle exhaust staining showing the rib detail on the tail rather than just coating the fin in soot!!! :bling:

low point ,and the only negitive i can find is that you used a decal for the manual canopy detonation on the side of the cockpit,if only you had drilled and kleared it :undecided:

stiil, feaces of the incredibly warm variety :thumbsup:

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Thank you very much everybody. I am indeed proud of this one.

I can only recommend the Flightpath detail set, it adds a level of life to the model that the kit cannot provide.

The Storm Shadows are big lumps and the fuselage needed a support to hold up the weight. Otherwise, they are also lovely additions.

Thank you very much for looking and the words of encouragement.

TSR.2 next!



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Excellent build Al, thanks it's another I can draw from when I start mine.......Again excellent job...ol' bean.

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Good job Al :thumbsup2: , lovely bit of wood there, texture and grain effect spot on and the table is sublime mate !! but what's that sat on top of it ?? :winkgrin: .....not a great fan of the Tornado but you've done a cracking job on this one !! Nice to see you've resisted the temptation to go mental on the weathering, just right, so easy to reduce it to a sooty mess.

The Flightpath and Paragon sets make a huge difference to the kit and really makes the model come alive, super job old fella,


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Well Done,cracking job there!!

Consider yourself congratulated!!


Need i say any more??


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That has to be one of best models i've seen, either on the show circuit or on the internerd. Truly fantastic.

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Really Nice. Cracking weathering, and the pile of belts etc in the seat looks really natural. Outstanding work.

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Excellent Tornado, love the subtle weathering and light staining.

You've done a fine job on this kit.

I hope you don't mind me, pointing out a small error?

The pointed covers on the outside of the exhust buckets should be painted grey, not the exhust colours.

Probley one of the best 1/32 scale Tornado's I've seen built.

How are the main legs bearing up with the extra weight you've added to the kit?


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