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Bell 47 1/35th Academy Kit

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ABBA Arrival :D ...................................

Nah only joshin :lol:

1/35th Academy Bell 47 Gunship. Beaut little kit, snuck it in under the radar again. Worth spending some time lining up all that tail end tubing at the start.Pays you back in droves later.

Homemade exhaust pipes, intake is wound solder with a bootlace pin stuffed on the end of it. (the kit part is just a blob) Paper MG belts and some old PE lap belts from a Dragon Huey. Bit of cleanup required on parts, but a good fun build and for me personally rewarding as this is the first chopper I have had success with.

Anyways folks, have a gander, leave a comment and I'll catch you up between reno jobs.

Be as good as you can be, stay safe, well and happy.

Cheers and beers.







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