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blimps scw build .

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time for some gbh in the cockpit :fight:



the plans i have show section 'C' with a large general radius at the bottom . this is wrong . the kit actually captures this area's subtle quirks very well .


the overthick plastic will be next on the agenda , i'll do a new nose canopy to cure the heavy framework and improve clarity ( i hope ). i seem to recall that there was a set of masks produced for this kit once apon a time , black magic or something , but a trawl on the net shows nothing . never mind lots of fun and games masking later then .


first off , out with the razor saw .


a bit chunky ! before i start thining the sides i made a quick plasticene mould of the inside .


this was filled with some araldite , half an hour later i had a new replacement sidewall 'skin' i can put back in . sneaky eh ?

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