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Your PM box is full Walrus, but simple enough to add the info here.

I've looked through my other luft kits and while they have a few K's I could nab, none of them are white.

I can't measure it from the sheet (as it's not there) but the adjacent M is 10 x 6.5mm.

On wed I'll see if someone at my club has this boxing and thus a spare K they might not need. It's the best possible solution atm I'd say

Will get back with an update then, thanks!

Oh Boy!

never rains but it pees down

what size white K will you need Steve- i may be able to help pm with addy and i can at least try and sort that part out

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Hi Steve

sorry about my box being full- never knew i was so popular! :D

actually i am not- it's all hate mail, death threats and demands for loan repayments :(

edit: Inbox unfulled

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a) still looking for those "K"'s ? - if yes pm adress and you can have both from my sheet if you want.

B) following your build with outmost interest as I am preparing for 217's - looks very interesting so far....

All experts:

c) is there really no aftermarket cockpit detailing set available for 1/72nd ?


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Hi Rolf.

I don't know of any for the 'E' variant, the K & N have two etched sets available:

As for the missing K's I should get news tonight on that (a club member has been looking). I shall let you know!


Many thanks for the help even though I would have to learn new tricks - until now I always shied away from PE - still hoping for some resin accesories .....

Feel free to ask for the decals if in need - you can also use rolf.blattner@sunrise.ch


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