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Mig cockpit colour


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I'd go the Turquoise then - as per dswoofies pic...

The early MiG 21s were the ones with the small intake/shock cone - and forward hinging canopies.

The Bis is a far later bird - BTW Bis means 'modified', or upgraded...


HTH :)


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I did a little research for the MiG21 F-13 I’m building (albeit rather slowly!).

Which turned out to have the earlier gray interior rather than that nasty green.

I did however buy a tin of the Xtracolour X629 blue/green Soviet interior, which looks nothing like the turquoise/jade colour shown in Karl’s post.

There are some good photos of Finnish MiG-21’s on http://www.airliners.net/ which seem to show the inside of the undercarriage doors in the grey underside colour.

The actual wheel bays look to be either underside colour or natural metal. Your eye’s might be better than mine for determining which! :hmmm:


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White Ensign produce a number of modern Soviet/Russian colours including the cockpit turquoise (SM07).

As to the airbrake and wheel well colours, I have the Wings and Wheels book on the MiG-21 which states that when the Czechoslovak MiG-21s were delivered from the Soviet Union the insides of the airbrakes were finished in the same colour as the outer camouflage (the Czechs later painted theses in yellow).

The wheel wells of the Czech a/c are a strange brown/green colour. In some of the pictures it looks to be a pale sand/stone colour, in others it looks like RLM 02 grey/green and in a few it could be the old US WWII interior green. I built a Fujimi MiG-21MF and the suggested colour for the wheel wells was RAF Hemp. I used a light sand/brown with a bit of green in it.

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Hi guys,

What colour should the cockpit and interior areas be for a Finnish Mig-21 please? My instructions call for mid grey, but my mind thinks it might be that pukey turquoise colour. Any ideas?



Back in ´89 I worked as civilian trainee helping in FinnAF MiG-21 BIS major overhauls etc. Photographing strictly prohibited so going from memory now. Back then the BISes were brand new, all now in museums or reduced to scrap metal. I do have a lot of digiphotos taken of museum examples but are bits in harddrive and the computer is in coma (reinstall windows, yeah).

FinnAF MiG-21BIS cockpits were turquoise green. BUT instrument panel was redone in Finland as part of navigation gear etc. modifications. Panel was/is painted mid-grey. You should find photos of the panel searching Airliners.net -photo collection. Quickest way to find is to use FinnAF code as keyword (like MG-129 etc.). Did the search and this link should have photo of MG-129 cockpit and instrument panel: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Finland---A...1bis/0592036/L/

EDIT. NOTE the MG-129 cockpit shown in the photo above is (partly) Finnish reconnaissance version! Didn't pay attention to it first. Comparing with Soviet etc. cockpit you will notice that the radar screen tube is missing as is the control panel on right hand side wall forward. On the place of radar screen there is certain equipment screen (western). In the last phase of MiG-21BIS use Havittajalentolaivue 31 (Fighter squadron 31) was running out of airworthy airframes and some reconnaissance BISes were brought back to fighter training. They - as seems MG-129 has now - had the fighter gun sight reinstalled. In recce versions there were other equipment installed on that place, too.

Ejection seats were either grey or in some cases all-black. All black ones might be identified by the color of headrest too in photos?

Airbrake interiors were the same as fuselage bottom, light grey. Same for gear bays in fuselage, but the wing interior was hemp-like. I think you would find both light grey and "hemp" in nose gear well too plus some odd green cranks and links. Colour photos are your best friend here.

Landing gears were light grey as were the doors. I do remeber that some individuals had also silver painted insides for some l/g door (like the small enkeliluukku - angel hatch which is the lowest and hinged one on the strut). Some planes had also the engine hatches on lower fuselage in silver, perhaps light grey temperature resistant paint was out when painted in Soviet Union? This was early in service (1989) and AFAIK all the hatches were later painted in light grey in Finland during overhauls etc.

And Caveat. What I wrote above is strictly from memory.

Exterior colours of FinnAF MiG-21 BISes is also a long story.



PS. Mr. Perttu Karivalo from Finland is more of an expert on FinnAF MiG-21BIS - colours and all. He may be reading this too?

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