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F-14A, VF-84 Jolly Rogers 1/48

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Outstanding work! The precision of the model is fantastic (and the photos too!) Now i'm working on a tomcat from hasegawa (1/72nd scale), but i have no patience, and my skills are not so powerful than yours. Congratulations! I'm looking forward for your progress!


Kind regards. TRUSKY1965.

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Although I normally pay little attention to builds of US teen fighters such as the F-14 I knew this would be worth looking at if your name was next to it Honza. Stunning work so far :goodjob:

Aside to this, I had the pleasure of visiting Liberec last summer for the Global Games and found it a beautiful part of the world with some of the friendliest people I have ever met.

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Amazing work, Honza! No doubt on it, is the most impressive Tomcat that i ever seen. The amount and level of detail is outstanding. I'm looking forward for your progress. Congratulations for a so well made plane, and thank's for sharing!

Regards. TRUSKY1965.

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many many thanks for comments!

Col. : I am really happy, then your visit in Liberec was cool.

And about Tomcat.... I am ready for painting... uff

scheme was changed to VF-84...




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