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Clarification of 'rules'

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Further to a couple of questions that have been raised I thought it might be useful just to clarify one or two points.

Rule number 1 - Have fun and enjoy this GB! That is the only real stricture I want to impose on participants. The original aim was to get back to basics and do our own conversions using balsa, crash moulded canopies, stretched sprue, scrap and parts raided from the spares box. I would encourage participants to do all this stuff, but if any of you are observing and would like to join in but feel that you would rather use other techniques or raid the spares box more extensively, then I would rather you did that than not join in at all. Likewise for all those who've pledged builds then I'd rather be flexible than impose rules, because to be honest I'm not a rules type person. The only thing we would seek to avoid is planning a build and compiling a shopping list of aftermarket stuff to go with it - that is not really the spirit of the GB.

Please consider using the original AH methodology, because I suspect many of you will be surprised to find that it is fun/satisfying and you might learn some new skills that are still applicable to contemporary modelling.

Another question that has been raised is whether aftermarket decals are permissible. There is no objection whatsoever to this.

Feel free to use this thread if there are any further questions.


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