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Hello all!

I'll be trying to get a Tornado finished for this GB.

I'll be doing a Luftwaffe ECR from the RoG 1/72 kit. I have a kit that I had started in a small way, here's some pictures of it.



What's been done


Painted the IPs and tub, put two tank-halves together, assembled the bang-seats and filled the holes for the c/l pylon.

I'll have more to show later.

-and no, it won't have Tiger-stripes when finished :)

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Thanks TOM!

A little bit more to show

Progress on the tub



put some blanking for the intakes in


I'll also be trying a slightly different approach with the attachment of the wings, stay tuned for that.

I'll be doing a Luftwaffe ECR from the RoG 1/72 kit.
Then again, I've just gotten MA-decals for an AMI ECR, MM7021 50-01, 155° Gruppo. I might do that one and do a Luftwaffe one later :) Edited by hatchet
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Some more

BOZ pods


I reversed the end-cap on the dark grey one. Apparently the AMI doesn't use any ECM pods.

HARMs ready for paint


MLG wells being closed. It'll take a bit of work


All for now.

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Even more!



I sanded off the raised detail, as I believe it would be too much hassle to recreate what has been lost when I removed the seam.

Did a bit of detail-painting with Aircraft Interior Black




-as well as some grey


All for now

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One of the gasbags


Put some Gekko-putty on the fins to remove the gap between them and the 'bag.

Yes, that's an underbelly pylon :)

Inner wing pylons


just a bit of cleanup to do.

As the gasbags are on the centerline, the HARMs will have to go on these :)

More work (PSR) done to the MLG doors


Still more needed :wacko:

All for now

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Interesting loadout there!
:DLike this! That's even the aircraft I'm doing, MM7021, 50-01, 155° Gruppo, 50° Stormo.

Mine'll have grey rails for the HARMs tho' ;)

More pictures:

Seats being painted



That 2nd picture is a bit bad, innit?




Not the easiest job on the kit :wacko:



All for now - well, from yesterday actually :D

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No pictures to show, but I am doing some work on it. I've tried milliput for the first time and I'm fairly pleased. I'll need to learn to use it sparingly tho'!

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Hi Martin,

Milliput is one of those "once tried, never forgotten" things!

Looked again at your picture of the real world aeroplane - without all the kit in the front (FLIR, LRMTS, cannon) the nosewheel does appear to be relatively unloaded, giving the slight nose-up stance distinct in the Revell kit. Although the advice is usually to shorten the kit nose oleo part, in your case it will probably come out spot on.

Nice work so far,


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Very nice Martin, you always amaze me with how you manage to produce seriously smart cockpits in 72nd :worthy:


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More done :yahoo:

Fuselage mostly done


With :worthy: :worthy: The Fin :worthy: :worthy: on



I've done quite a bit of filling and sanding, especially to the underside, which has resulted in much of the detail being obliterated.

I'm not exactly impressed with the moulding quality of the kit - there is/was a lot of flash on the kit and many places where the molds were misaligned. It seems that they're being worn down very quickly. I can see the same thing happening on the Typhoon-kit, I have some early mouldings which are nice and crisp and some later ones that... aren't.



From a Fujimi Tomcat I believe. I wish pilots would always be included

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