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Hawker Hunter T7/8/8M

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Gulp! What have i let myself in for?!


A typical Airfix kit though on this one i have found the plastic to be softer than normal and if i look at it too hard it flakes. :yikes:


but it seems to be pretty accurate according to the plans in the Warpaint Monograph- well what else could i use for reference?

The nose seems a bit short but as that is going to get butchered is no problem. the back end and wings seem spot on :thumbsup:


so just needs me to get started as soon as various factors allow and try to make up my mind which T bird and livery to choose.

There's a candidate i chanced upon taking the pics, though not necessarily the one i will settle on.


the keen eyed will have already spotted a blue fox from an old Matchbox kit as donor.

This i hope will be allowable as i noticed in the article Mr Hall used a couple of bang seats from a Lightening. Though i will scratch mine.

BTW did the rules exclude replacement white metal under carts- no probs if i can't use them - i just happen to have some Aeroclub wheels.

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I would 'encourage' you to use a balsa plug and crash moulded canopy as this was part of Matt's idea when the GB build was thought up, but cross kitting is sufficiently Hall'esque for me to do a 'Nelson'. Likewise I would accede to white metal U/C parts as I'm sure Alan Hall would've approved this in any case.

Please bear in mind the purpose of the GB is for participants to get 'back to basics' and learn, possibly re-learn skills that are actually beginning to disappear. Whilst I'm against rigid enforcement of rules - not my style at all - I would be a bit sorry if the original aim of the GB was to become diluted.


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Hi Peebeep

have had a quick look through the article, but just printed it off with some plans to help.

the sea fox radome is only a slight possibility at this stage.

I understand your concerns for keeping as close to Matt's idea as possible, and it wouldn't be fair on other contributors if i cut corners and spoiled the spirit of the GB. Balsa is not my prefered choice of material but will happily play ball. AW Hall himself mentions the draw backs of the material - notably the problems with panel lines. but as the airframe would be highly glossed, smooth and clean, this won't be too big a problem, if at all. - have looked at pics and can't see any panel lines.

The article mentions borrowing from other kits but the crash moulding for the canopy is a gimme - one reason for joining the GB as i have never done this before, but want to learn and will see it is a good opportunity to try out new things :mental:

will use the metal legs only if necessary. The dimensions of the kit parts look good, but the moulding quality is poor. as stated above the plastic is a bit weird, so they might go Pyrusiform when cleaning. there will be enough scratching to do without the undercart. :pray:

the biggest problem i can see is hollowing out the office. any suggestions/help gratefully received. :please:

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I'm in the same boat, more or less. as I intend to drop some balsa into the Me 262 cockpit and re-shape it inside and out. I'd planned on using a chisel-shaped xacto blade for much of the interior work.

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That takes me back........many, many years ago I scratch-built a nose section - using the drawings from Aviation News - The blood stains are still on those drawings from when the scalpel blade tried to detatch my finger tip!!

Anyway I built up a floor profile first- using the top view drawing for the overall profile/shape. I then used palstic card for forward and rear bulkheads, side profiles and filled the gaps with Milliput (I always found it easier to use than Mr Hall's balsa/talc concoction!!). No need for additional nose weight there!!!

I also finished it as an early FAA T8 and used SnJ silver for the first time..thats how long ago it was!

I used the same method for the canopy "plug" and managed to crash mould (eventualla reasonably shaped canopy. Frames were added from plastic strip!!

Failling that Aeroclub do have T7/8 canopy's.........

Shame I haven't any photo's of the finished model......

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thanks for the feed back chaps

i would prefer to go with plastic and milliput but have said will go the way of balsa in honour of AWH and the spirit of the GB

Also as mentioned i want to learn the dark art of canopy crashing- but if it goes perpetually wrong the Aeroclub may well be useful- but am positive i won't need it

words guaranteed to come back and haunt

have a Revell Me262 in the stash as i didn't do a very good job on the camo and the canopy was pants. couldn't get a Squadron replacement- so the process will come in handy

the x acto blade i might also have to use- something else to get when i finally get to the LMS

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