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  • 2 weeks later...

hmmm this is my next GB to concentrate on (having to pick them by finish date as I've over extended myself!) but it's pretty quiet... do we just need a gentle push to start things going again?

If I stick at it I can likely get finished but if it's just me... the SCV GB would be a better focus atm.


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Know what you mean Steve

Personally i'm going to have to concentrate on the SCW GB for now.

But finally got me mitts on the SAMI Hunter datafile which was a bad move cos now i want to build lots and lots of Hunters! :lol:

then i bagged some decals including a some for a 43Sqn T7

But i really want to do this one :wub:

apart from which, that all over silver on a conversion? doesn't bear thinking about :frantic:

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