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MiG-21PFM Iraqi Air Force (Eduard 1/48)

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Something from Saddam's era. 💣

OOB kit with no changes at all. This kit was started like years ago and I kept it in some box until last summer and decide to finish it whenever I have some time.

Camouflage is based on only one available photo from the internet and camouflage pattern from R.V. Aircraft so it's a mixture of both worlds to get close to real one. Not quite sure if there were roundels on upper surfaces but it looked good to me so I applied them. On some Bis/MF versions, there were 2 roundels on top surfaces, some had only one, there was not a standard when it comes to painting and marking all the aircrafts.

Enjoy the pictures!


Naslovna - 1 20240607_222020 20240607_222058 20240607_222114 20240607_222201 20240607_222242 20240607_222257 20240607_222306 20240607_222337 20240607_222401 20240607_222428 20240607_222541 20240607_222620 20240607_222700 20240607_222804 20240607_222834 20240607_222937 20240607_223024 20240607_223120 20240607_223255 20240607_223304 20240607_223338 20240607_223343 20240607_223358 20240607_223416 20240607_223422 20240607_223510 20240607_223549


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Mig-21 of any version is the kind of plane which you could see  again and again. The one is really nicely done.  PFM version is not often seen . Really nice result

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