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HS Harrier GR.3, XV758/J, No. 233 OCU, RAF Wittering, July 1984.

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Despite a few issues, the 1/48 Kinetic Harrier kit is a delight to build. Huge thanks to @NG899 for the superb information on corrections, etc - I did try to incorporate some of these. 

Aftermarket was just in the cockpit, with Eduard instrument panels and seatbelts. The kit itself has a little sprue of photo-etch but the seatbelts in that are too small. I used the lettering from the Xtradecal set for the serials, otherwise the rest is out of the box. 

This is the photo I used as inspiration, it captures the look of the mid-80s Harrier perfectly; one can almost feel the warmth of a sunny afternoon and smell of jet fumes and cut grass at Middle Wallop airshow back in those halcyon days for RAF aviation.


XV758 entered RAF service in 1969 and was operated by 233 OCU throughout the mid 1980s. The aircraft survives to this day, on display at Decimomannu airfield on Sardinia.








































WIP thread here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235139885-raf-wittering-harrier-gr3/



I’m planning on an almost identical one but with 1 Sqn markings this time, plus a T.4 of 233 OCU. 


All comments, criticism and banter or general Harrier chat welcome as always!



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That's rather good and it's been a pleasure to follow your build.


When I first saw your RFI thread I looked at the first picture of the Kinetic kit which you had posted and I assumed that you had found an in flight picture of the subject aircraft.

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Thanks for the comments and likes gents, really appreciated. Always nice to see someone say a kit photo looks like the real thing, thanks @Richard E!

Amazing how close-ups can also be so harsh too though, I keep seeing bits I think I could have done better.

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Lovely result and photos are great. Very helpful WIP thread too, especially for such as me, with 3 Kinetic Harriers in the stash and not dared to build one yet 😃


Atb, Steve.

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Congratulations on a beautiful model, your collection is wonderful well done.

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Fabulous GR.3 and a worthy addition to your collection !


Although I build 1/72, I followed your WIP with interest as I have the Italeri 1/72 GR.3 and found it really useful, particularly placing the model on just its nose wheel and outriggers before fitting to main wheel. This technique will definitely be applied when it eventually gets built !

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