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"Best of British" at Old Warden May 12 2024

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Lovely set, it was a great show :)

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Apart from the Shuttleworth Spitfire, that is. I was not alone in being disappointed. Someone on the UK Airshows site said that he was now very familiar with its underside. I met one of the Shuttleworth pilots, Peter Kosogorin, in the paddock just afterwards ans had a moan to him about it. I thought that it was all high speed zoom across the field, pull up high and then descend in a turn showing the underside then pulling up. Repeat until time was up, no decent shots for the photographers. I thought that the Spitfire XIV was going to do the same but its display finished with some lovely topside passes.


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STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS  array of Aircrafts and you have captured them in superb  "poses".

I do love the old aircrafts... bygone era  but seeing them in flight  is delicious and delightful.






thank you very  muchly.

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