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Okit 1/72 Mil Mi-2 Hoplite

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Fresh off the bench is the Okit 1/72 Mil Mi-2 Hoplite.


This was an interesting multimedia kit I bought second-hand, with resin interior/wheels and photoetch details.


It wasn't an easy build - there were no locating tabs for the interior, and some bits have since rattled loose. The canopy glass required a lot of fettling to fit, and even then it doesn't fit well.

Almost all joins needed filler, and Milliput was used to correct the awkward joint between the tail boom and fuselage.

Decals shattered in the water, so the sheet was coated with gloss varnish which solved the issue.


Despite the kit's shortcomings, it was a fun little build requiring some modelling skills and techniques I hadn't used before.


Critique welcome, and as always, thanks for viewing.








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Tiny, but beautiful.

Congrats on a superb paint job.



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