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George the Gallant Guard - ICM 1/16

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Hi. :D 

Meet George the Gallant Guard. :D 
George is one of ICM figures from the series Guards of the World in 1/16 scale. 
I got this kit from my kids at Fake Christmas 2021 and I think I started the build during Spring 2022.
This is my first try into Figures, so please be gentle. :D
George started out his life as a Queen's Guard, but Her Majesty passed away during the build, so now he's a King's Guard. :king:

I've sprayed the main colours using AK Real Color. 
Details, face and hands has been brush painted using the same colours as well as numerous shades from the AK 3G series.
When finished I sprayed Mr Paint Semi Matt varnish on the whole figure.
The Gold details and his very shiny boots has been clear glossed using a brush.

The plinth is sprayed in AK Xtreme Metal Brass, and the base plate is just AK Grey Primer with filler. 
I thought this looked best for the cement bricks. 
53725725591_783a1b364a_k.jpg001 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr
53726073144_6f02022bdc_k.jpg002 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr
53725940943_7823a4432e_k.jpg003 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr
53726074334_86db04f7d3_k.jpg004 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr
53726075089_e8dd3b7fd4_k.jpg005 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr
53725943323_d6af1b3d49_k.jpg006 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr
53724829057_42f8d51190_k.jpg007 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr

For a first try into Figures I'm very pleased with my result and I've learned much during the build. 
And I can say that George will not be the only figure in my display cabinet for long. 
When the D-Day 80 years group build starts I'll be building "Peter the Para". :D 
53589392178_51694e02a9_k.jpg20240309_161541 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr

And it's a possibility that I'll will add a third figure to my collection during the Made in the Ukraine group build this autumn. 
Thanks for looking and feel free to comment on my build. 

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Not bad at all for a first go. 😎👍


My only tip would be to shade the edges of the white and his medals - even with a fine sharpie or technical drawing pen.


Looking forward to seeing how your paratrooper comes out - take your time on the cammo smock.

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The detail painting is well done. I like what you have done with the base. My only comment is that the face tunic looks glossy, it might be the light in the picture, but saying that, it is a good first figure.

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