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Super Myster B2 (SMB2) "6 days war" [1/72 Special Hobby]

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Hi all

I started a new project

After the F-15DJ, I choosed to rest into the "jet age". I picked up from my stach the Super Myster B2 from Special Hobby at the 1/72 scale.


I have the following boxes who allow to build a SMB2 with the J52 engine. This engine was mounted after the 1967.




But the box permit to build a model with the french Atar Engine

Although I didn't have the serial in decals, I thinks it is possible to paint it.
The color scheme should be like this




For the number, I choosed the number 95

The 5 june at 7h33, a formation of 4 Super Mystere B2  take off for an attack of Inchas aifield.
All plane are armed with a pair of 250kg bombs. After the bomb release, aircrafts will do three straffing attack.
The weather on the airfield is bad with a cloud layer at 2000-3000 feets.
The Super Mystere start their attack. A heavy anti-aircraft fire open around the super mystere. The 04 leader super mystere is hit and the number 3 wingman explode in a fire ball on the runway.

The 95 Super Mystere never will come back to his base and his pilot, Erel Dan, will killed


After this brief story, place to the build

I started the cockpit
I painted the cockpit in black. I used a white dry brush for reavels the details
I used a part of the decals for the panel instrument. The instruments are too white and I sprayed a layer of black on it to break the white.








Now I can paint the air intake.
It it not very visible when it is in place but I wanted to paint it carrefully





I painted the exhaust. On the fuselage I have an ejection plot. But a this place with the exhaust in place you can see nothing
For this reason I didn't fill the ejection plot



I painted the wheels bays with the "chamois" french color



To finish this first post, I micromeshed the fuselage. The surface is  a little grainy and I wanted to smooth the surface



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My favorite aircraft ever!



I have built 3 of these SH kits (French NMF, French SEA, IAF 3-tone) and have a 4th in progress (FAH Sa'ar).


If you have not built any yet, the only tricky area is that of the nose.

Sanding (a lot!) the cockpit floor and the top of the air inlet where the cockpit tub sits greatly imporves the fit of the fuselage halves and allows for a good positioning of the air inlet vs nose cone.


Most landing gear hatches are usually closed on the ground.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your advise but I aldeady added the cockpit and air intake into the fuselage






For a good fit i had to sand the contact between the wheels bay and the air intake.
I glued the cockpit first and the air intake in second

I added a bulkhead for adding a weight in the nose even if instructions didn't give it






I can test the junction between fuselage and an wings





Edited by Rémi
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I added the wings and the nose piece.

After a little filling seance the job is done.






I can start the job paint

Special Hobby didn't give any information for a reference

I allready mounted some IAF plane.
For the blue/brown plane, I use the Gunze H338 for the underside grey




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Well done Remi...

I always liked the SMB-2 and you make her justice.

Then I like builds with a background story, even a sad one....

Congrats Sir !!



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Thanks at you


I continued the paint
After the grey, I painted the brow.
I used the Gunze H310
I preshadowed the strutural lines and sprayed the brown on the central panels.






I can finalise the brown with another layer






Now we can start the "blue"
Before the paint, I created masks with my Silhouet printer

These masks is to delimit the blue and the brown



The delimitation are made with patafix saucisages

I can mask the brown




For the paint, I used the H328 (8 parts) and H312 (1 part)

At this step, I didn't preshadow the blue because it is a dark paint

I post shadow after two layer of the paint




I can finalise the blue with a final layer and remove all masks





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Interesting technique using the Cameo cutter.

How do you design the masks? From a scan of the instructions sheet?

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I used the PDF version a made a screenshot

I imported the screenshot

With the help of one structural line, I drawed a line of one of them
I magnified the screenshot until the panel line is the same of the drawed line

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After a little session to create masks for the national marks and serial, the paint is done

It take more time to mask than to paint






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  • 3 weeks later...

After a little little break I pursuit the build of the SMB2
I varnished it and setted the decals.
I passed a brown panel line in the structural lines











I painted the external charge.
I choosed to paint the tanks with the same scheme colors but you can paint it in alu


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Yesterday I would have a big problem.
I was in test fitting for the legs.
The hole for a one plot on the legs was too small and not enough deep.
I drilled it and ... passed trough the upper wing :(
Now I have an hole in the wing just nearby the red line decals :(

My advince. Don't try to enlarge the hole and cut the plot

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2 hours ago, Vultures1 said:

Battle damage repair patch from thin plastic card, perhaps?

I agree with this course of action, but it would be helpful if you showed us photos of the damage so we can properly counsel you.

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Thanks for your messages
I fixed the problem
After glued the wheels legs, I sanded the zone and put a little drop of Mr Surfacer 500
I repeted two time the process and painted again the zone.
There are a little difference between the zone of the hole and the rest but It should be Ok


I think it should be finish tomorrow or thursday
I must finish the assembly of the charges, the light, the ejection seat and the canopy



Edited by Rémi
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Certainly my last update before the end of this build

I added the gears.
It is little complex. The front leg must be thinner to have the proper angle.
The doors of the main legs are delicat to add because only a thinner space used to secure the assembly


I choosed to open all the doors even if one door of the main legs closed frequently on the ground

I think that the legs and the canopy is the most delicat parts of the kit


If you pay attention on the left wing, you can see a little difference in the brow close to red line on a panel.
It is the place of the hole.











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