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Western Air Express Fokker Super Universal - colours?

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Hi all, 


I won't label my own Googling-skills as bad, but... I have quite a hard time finding colour information about liveries used on the Fokker Super Universal. 

My favourite livery so far is Western Air Express, of which I found exactly ONE photo (see below). NC8011 was originally delivered to Standard Airlines in 1928 and crashed, was repaired and resold to Western Air Express in 1932. I found several photos of NC8011 in Standard livery though, but what I'm after is more information about this colour scheme. I'm sure there must be some other source somewhere. Books? Hidden web pages? Any help is appreciated! 


My questions: 

- Other Western Air Express aircraft show dark red/burgundy coloured fuselages. Can I assume that's the colour used here as well? 

- What colour would the wing have been? These aircraft had plywood wings, but they rarely flew with those natural wood colours on these American aircraft. 




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I did a Western Air Express Fokker F-10A long ago. IMO the burgundy red with silver doped wings and tail feathers are the correct colours.

If you need more info and details, just ask 🙂





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The Standard colours are recorded as

It is a unusual for a [NACA] Circular to state specific airline colors but they have done so for the Standard Air Lines Fokker Universal. So when NACA states these colors as 'Royal blue and silver, with black nose panels' I trust the accuracy.

From here


If the Western one above is burgundy and the empennage is silver dope, the wings and upper fuselage are "some other colour".

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An existing piece of original fabric from a WAE Fokker F.10 shows the red as most likely being the familiar Berryloid 'Fokker Red'.

Makes sense as this is, after all, a Fokker.

So, it may be safe to assume the WAE Super Universal you want to model was also painted in this particular red.

For reference, Berryloid 'Fokker Red' is the color of Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Vega that is preserved in the NASM collection.


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Perhaps the wing in the above picture is an orange yellow for visibility in case of mishap?


In ortho this would be dark as the red of the fuselage.




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