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Martin Baker Mk.3B Ejection Seats for Vampire T.11 (483D010 for Pilot Replicas) 1:48

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Martin Baker Mk.3B Ejection Seats for Vampire T.11 (483D010 for Pilot Replicas)

1:48 Pilot Replicas




We reviewed the new injection-moulded kit of this interesting early jet trainer here, and Pilot Replicas have created a number of sets in 3D printed resin to accompany the model, increasing the detail beyond the capabilities of injection-moulded styrene.




This set arrives in a small brown cardboard box, with a sticker on the top identifying the contents, and inside are two 3D-printed resin seats on a single print base, supported by narrow finger-like tendrils from below.  Cutting the parts from the base is simply a case of nipping the supports away and sanding back any small raised location marks, which have fortunately been placed in areas where they won’t be so obvious, such as the rear and underside of the seats.  Detail is exceptional, and the parts have been printed at an angle and resolution that has made any layer lines invisible, and where a few are evident, they are so fine that a coat of primer should see them disappear.  The seats both have an ejection handle between the pilot’s knees at the front of the seat base cushion, and these should be removed for the T.11, as noted in a small sheet of paper that is printed in colour.




A stunning pair of seats for your model.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of



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