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Jaguar Series I - XJ6 - Colour

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Hi Modelers,


Doing a bit of research and looking for some help.  I have a diecast model of a Series I Jaguar XJ6 but want to change the colour to match the one my late dad had back in the early 70's. 

The colour was Jaguar Lavender Blue which I think had a Dulux Code of 43118D1.  Does anyone know a model paint mix for this or a RAL # or other reference number that might help me recreate the colour?




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There are a number of automotive paint specialist suppliers who can mix the exact colour for you and offer it in an aerosol. A look on the internet should yield further information. Not as expensive as you might think.

However, if Zero Paints can give you a proper match, as Rob suggested it you are an airbrusher then the Zero Paint is probably your best option.

You didn't mention the scale of your die cast XJ6, but there is a white metal kit in 1/24th scale that a company named Abingdon Classics makes if anyone else is looking for one. Not sure what Mk their kit is though.

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