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For once I didn't do a WIP this time as I wasn't too sure that it would work. But it did in the end and here's the result.

I was inspired by a Star wars transporter called a LAAT that I saw when I visited  @shortCummins earlier this month. It's from

a Star Wars computer game I think. So this is similar but, as usual, was made from the bits boxes in the manshed.


To begin, take three scrap 1/48th Hueys and dismantle. Attack with a razor saw, join two together and turn upside down. 

Add parts and half a tube of Humbrol filler, lots of plastic card and various bits box parts. prime in grey and...


Chunks of foam obscure the cabin here, but this shows the general idea I think.



The roof with lots of technical stuff. The ex tank hatch at the front is for the flight crew to enter.



Unmasked, painted, weathered and decaled, I ended up with this.



Not well focused, but the dirt shows I hope. BTW, the cabin footsteps were Ju88 Dive brakes. I case you wondered.



Decals are from the spares box. The roundel is one over another. I think the underslung tank is ex Kamov.

The side pods were Bf 110 Fuselages. One Matchbox and one Airfix. Slightly different but close enough.



That's an ex 1/72nd JU 188 cockpit in the middle there. Now with a 1/48th rear gunner in it. He fits nicely too.



The guns can just be seen poking out from underneath.



Because this is upside down to the original, cockpit entry is now via ladder and through the hatch on top.

The landing gear? Ex FROG Mk1 Blenheim. Kindly donated by @keith in the uk



The rear gunner gets a ladder too.It folds in half in case of tail down landings!



The grubby top, in focus. That's an ex 1/32nd Puma Hydraulic reservoir in the foreground. 



Because the cockpit section is now upside down, These were the Huey chin windows.



4K85S3N.jpgwill hold around ten seated figures

Slightly insectoid nose view, to my eye anyway.



The greeblies extend to the underside too. The feet could really have done with being on outriggers for better stability.



The rear gunners turret can be seen here.



Nice and comfy in there. No doors but other Star Wars transports don't have them either. Force fields perhaps?

It seats about ten figures. The anti slip flooring is worn Micro mesh!



The solar panels are ex TIE Fighter. If they can shift one into light speed then they should easily power this beastie.


And there you are. I hope it meets with approval. I may have overdone the weathering. But I was enjoying myself!

I'm starting to run out of wrecks to use on these things. Despite combing the bay for scrap items.

If you have anything suitable & unwanted on the shelf of doom I'd be grateful for donations. Helicopters especially. 

As always, Comments, complaints and adoration are always welcome. Thanks for looking, Pete






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18 minutes ago, Pig of the Week said:

Wouldn't they get sucked out into space thru the big openings in the side?.

This is for planetary use only. There have been a few variations on the theme in the films and animations, dropping off troops into battle.

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Because I didn't do a WIP post I thought I'd add a few pictures to show how it was done...



Early days in the build but it shows the basis of the machine.



And then filler and rubbing down happened.



The crew are just normal Pilots with typical Star Wars breathing filters bodged in place. They can barely be seen in there anyway!

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2 hours ago, Yg Models said:

for me, i will add two more solar panels

I do have two more slightly smaller panels, and I was going to fit them. But trials showed that they made it look too cluttered and clumsy in side views.

The two large ones on their own look more balanced against the long fuselage, I feel.


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