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Hasegawa Boeing 747-400 - KLM

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Here is the 1/200 Hasegawa 747-400 finished in the old KLM colours circa. 2015. This particular a/c holds a special place in my heart as the first 747 that I ever flew on. As a child in love with all civil a/c, the 747 was 'obviously' my favourite, but the closest that I ever got to one was spotting at Heathrow. It wasn't until I was well into my 40s that I eventually got to fly on one on a return flight from JFK to Schiphol, and it was on this particular 747, "Atlanta".

This is actually a model that I finished about nine years ago and it was a first for me in a number of ways: The first civil a/c that I ever airbrushed, that's 1/200 scale, that I completely re-scribed and that I weathered.

At the time, I wasn't too sure how to deal with the cabin windows and decided to go for the Kristal Klear approach. This ended up ok, but as you can see, the 'glass' ends up slightly recessed into the fuselage, which I personally don't like. I've now reverted to filling, then decals.

The kit was basically built OOB except for the addition of the wifi dome. No other aerials were added as I didn't think that my skills were up to it ! Paint was a combination of Tamiya acrylics and Humbrol enamels. Decals were aftermarket, but I can't remember where they were purchased.

Anyway, thanks for looking.


















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Gorgeous. What’s not to love about a 747 and the KLM livery! It’s such a shame they’re becoming a rare sight these days - long live the Queen. 

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Great build.

You cant go wrong with a 747 and your models is a very nice tribute to the queen.

I was lucky to fly numerous times on 747s,my very first back in 1998 with a Swissair 747-300 from Hongkong to Zurich.

Boarding from the ground via air stairs,standing right in front of the mighty Jumbo...man was I impressed.

This started my love and ,maybe,my little crazyness about 747s...😊

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I recall the first time I was on a 747. I was booked on a service flight home for Christmas and my travel orders didn’t state what type of aircraft I was boarding, nor did the ticket in those days. It was dark when I boarded and I couldn’t see the aircraft I was going to board. It wasn’t until I was seated did I realize I was on one of Air Canada’s 747. Very cool it was being used on a domestic flight, a five hour flight from Toronto to Edmonton.


Fabulous build! I must build a 747 for my display case.

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