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Garage Workshop (49011) 1:48


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Garage Workshop (49011)

1:48 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




Garage workshops are places where you'll find tons of tools, shelves, tool boxes and all sorts, usually covered in muck and rust, save for those occasional workshops that are scrupulously clean due to the owner’s fastidious nature.  During wartime, garages were often overrun, or pressed into use as temporary military workshops by invading or defending troops, and if they weren't co-opted to help the military, they continued to be used by the few vehicles remaining operational during a period where fuel was usually a scarce commodity due to the needs of the military.



The Kit

This set arrives in a figure-sized end-opening box and inside are six sprues in grey styrene, a fret of Photo-Etch (PE) brass in a card envelope, a small decal sheet and an instruction sheet printed on both sides of a glossy A4 sheet.  As well as a few instructions for the more complicated assemblies there are also posters printed in colour that can be cut out and stuck to the walls of your intended diorama, plus a colour rendering on the rear of the box, pointing out all the parts, their colours and where to place the decals on the cans and containers.  Some of the sprues will be familiar if not identical to others from this expanding range, and there is a wide selection of items to populate your model.










From the box you can build the following:


2 x fuel ribbed drums

2 x double-ribbed fuel drums

1 x ribless fuel drum

1 x Manual pump unit

1 x Bench-mounted grinder with two wheels

1 x Pillar drill

1 x Anvil

2 x Bench vice (2 types)

6 x Square fuel can of various sizes

2 x Triangular profile oil can

1 x Compressor with wheeled chassis

1 x Hacksaw

3 x Hammer

1 x G-Clamp

1 x Belly-Brace Drill

1 x Funnel

1 x Oil Can

2 x 5-shelf storage unit

2 x large 8 drawer cupboard on short legs

2 x tool box, one open, one closed with a styrene and PE toolkit and PE lid


There are various other small hand tools such as clamps, hammers, wrenches, oil cans and other items dotted around the sprues and there are some decals for the cans as per the instructions.  The larger assemblies are covered in the instructions and have many parts that result in faithful representations of the original that would be difficult to create yourself, but now you don't have to.




There are a few decals on the small sheet with their locations shown on the instructions.  The various posters, 10 in total, range from car adverts through propaganda posters and even one tiny picture of a bathing scantily clad lady that is too small to make out any details.  They're all in different languages too, so there will probably be one for most locations, within reason.








Another useful set from MiniArt, and even if you're not going to use them for an actual garage diorama, there's a lot of fodder for your models.


Highly recommended.




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A nice set, Mike. There are one or two things that you probably wouldn't see until the mid to late fifties but otherwise it would make a nice display.

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