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Best or worst live gigs you have been to.

Farmer matt

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Absolute worst gig ever - The Boom Town Rats.  I have seen lots of bands in my time but this was the only concert I have ever walked out of. Total Garbage Would have been better if Geldorf could have held a tune, and the band could have played instruments. I'm sure being drunk didn't help them.


Really memorable and enjoyable gigs,

My first ever gig, 10cc Kings Hall Belle Vue (1976 ish?)

Renaissance, Manchester Apollo late 70's  Annie Haslam's amazing voice, Wow!

The Salford Jets. (Gina, got a new Cortina!   Yesss!)


Best concert ever for me, choice of two.

AC/DC, De Montford hall Leicester, Bon Scott lead singer (God showing my age!)

And you will probably be surprised by this, I was coming home on a weekend from the RAF, phoned my mate to see if there was any gigs on that weekend in Manchester. Only gig he could get tickets for were Marshall Hain (one hit wonder duo  in 1978 with "Dancing in the City "). Only a few hundred in, gathered down near the stage at the Manchester Apollo which gave a really intimate feel. Just a fantastic night, great music.


Most surprising gig ever - based in Germany, A friend had a spare ticket for a gig, definitely it wasn't my type of music at all but I was free that evening, so I tagged along to the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund and saw Prince in Concert. A very pleasant and entertaining evening!




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Worst gig: Motorhead "Perfect Tour" absolute pants.


First gig: Queen Astoria `75.


Best gig so far: Donnington 85, ZZ Top, Marillion etc.



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Best gig: The Spaghetti Western Orchestra - all your Ennio Morricone classics performed by 5 Aussies on about 100 different instruments. Look them up on Youtube, not touring any more which is a shame.


Worst gig: probably Enrique Iglesias (accompanying SWMBO), he was OK, but didn't really have that pizzazz. Even She said he didn't even compare to Elton John when we saw him recently.

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Worst ever - Ollie Murs supporting Robbie Williams at Hampden Park (Christmas pressie tickets for SWMBO - never again.) Fat little git in tight trousers jabbing his groin at middle age drunk women while yodeling comically.


Best ever - Me. Singing with choir and London Symphony Orchestra in Ely Cathedral for Leonard Bernstein many, many years ago in Mahler's Resurrection Symphony.  Filmed by Sony for TV and Laser Disc. Sang for Lennie and others many times, but this stands out as truly memorable. This concert forms the climax of the Bradley Cooper movie 'Maestro' which I haven't seen yet. Wonder who plays me?

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