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Universal Acrylic Thinner & Airbrush Cleaner (HC10001 & HC10003)

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Universal Acrylic Thinner & Airbrush Cleaner (HC10001 & HC10003)

Hobby Colours




Having thinners and airbrush cleaning products for many different brands of paint can be a logistical nightmare, cluttering your spray booth or painting area with extra bottles, and forcing you to keep a track of what you have left for each system, with a likelihood of running out if you lose track.  Hobby Colours have taken that on board, and have created their own brand of universal thinners and airbrush cleaners for use with Acrylic paints of whatever brand you might have on hand.  Each product arrives in a 100ml translucent plastic bottle with a screw-on cap that matches the colour of the contents.  The thinners is clear with a white cap, while the cleaner is a pale blue with a blue cap, which is also useful in telling them apart quickly, using the cap or colour of the liquid to prevent grabbing the wrong one in haste.



Universal Acrylic Thinner (HC10001)




This clear liquid is useful for any acrylic paint, and can be used to thin for brush or airbrush painting, the latter using the usual ‘consistency of semi-skimmed milk’ as a guide, and working from there.  It has a flow improver and drying retarder mixed in, so the paint will dry more slowly, which will be especially useful for brush painters, and for airbrush users on a hot day, when a drying tip can make spraying tiresome, constantly stopping to remove accumulated paint before starting the process again.  I’ve used it for several tests, particularly with the Jim Scale paints, and it works beautifully, helping give it a silky-smooth finish.





Universal Airbrush Cleaner (HC10003)




Tinted blue to differentiate it, this mixture should be used when cleaning brushes or airbrushes, and it has a slight foaming action when agitated, helping to break up dried paint that’s stuck in hard-to-reach crevices.  It has also been formulated to be kind to seals and O-rings, reducing your maintenance burden and costs in the long run.  Seeing it in action, it lifts away caked-on paint easily, and is very useful, especially if you’re like me and have been known to leave paint sitting in the cup for a few days by accident.








Keep your airbrush in good fettle, whilst easing painting of your models too, picking up a few bottles of each to ensure you don’t run out.  Remember that you’ll almost always use more cleaner, so adjust your purchase upwards.


Highly recommended.


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