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US Army UH-60L - 2007 Iraq

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I'm modifying the 1/35 Kittyhawk MH-60S into an Iraqi war vet.    Most of the parts for a UH-60L are in this kit, just had to scratch build the nose and tail missile warning sensors and fill in and rescribe a boat-load of fuselage details.    To make things more interesting, I also added raised rivets, using a combination of .03mm solder balls and Archer's wonderful rivet decals.    Replaced the IP with the Eduards PE version since the kit one has large MFD's instead of the analog gages of the Lima.  Used the Werner's Wings UH-60 detail kit for a bunch of interior details, Reedoak's amazing helmets and helmet bags and WW's floor armor panels, which were mandatory for deployed US Blackhawks.   Also added dozens of scratchbuilt details to the interior. 










Inlet sand filters which will be added to my helo later in the build. 



Rivets, rivets and more rivets.   Can't believe KH just opted to go with recessed "divots" for this kit.   Just doesn't look right. 



Decals on (using the Werner's Wings UH-60 decal set).









That's it for now....


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Liking the interior and the tail boom riveting, very effective...

I have an Alaskan Rescue ship on hold, I was hoping to get details of the rescue gear in the cabin but nothing yet!



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Posted (edited)

Weathering and final assembly continues.   


Cargo doors had the windows removed to try to keep the temperatures down in the summer.   







Added a simulated coating of "Pro Seal" sealant around the co-pilot;s overhead window and the CWMS sensor housings on the nose.   This nasty stuff was very roughly applied usually with a popsicle stick or the poor crew chief's finger. 


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Progress continues.   Added some small bits here and there, also added the inlet sand filters which Yellow Cab was sporting circa 2007. 









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Coming together, looking good...



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Minor update.    Added a bunch of small parts.  Also added the chaff/flare dispsensers, along with their electrical wiring.    









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That is one impressive build! 😲


I do like the detailing and weathering effects .... very good! 👌 


Keith 😁 

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