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10 hours ago, Black Knight said:

The Magnette had three pedals

A-ha....thanks for that. Looks like what I need is a throttle pedal hanging down and my 2 floor-mounted pedals to complete. 

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It was with some trepidation that I set about the whole front axle with a combination of C A and poly glue. The superglue is so unforgiving and gets everywhere else....  I hate the stuff. 

But I'm getting there. 


I have one more trackrod end to do on the errrrm.... starboard side 😜

Fine solder wire for the brake pipes, and I forgot to mention previously the spring dampers. They just require a hole in the chassis member each side to take the kit pieces 




So I'm trying to get the characteristic camber on the wheel alignment and put a little bit of turn on the steering, while trying to make sure all 4 tyres sit on the ground. 

The ride height is this...




I'll take that. 😃🧚

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On 27/04/2024 at 22:20, Pig of the Week said:

the Heller GB !  I remember they did quite a few cars at one point though,

They are still churning them out,  but somehow there's not a great deal of importing to the UK going on and they're quite tricky to find at times.  "Intermittent" might be the best way to describe it. 

It's a German Co that rescued the Heller business but I think they still mould them in France. Not sure, best think of it as a Euro business now. Their car catalogue is heavily tilted towards French subjects of course, but not exclusively. Nice E Type Jags for example 👌 

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The front axle out in front of the body makes it look so racy! Why don't they do this anymore? 😜

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I'm now at the stage where the bodywork shell and the chassis need to go together permanently, and I've been tinkering with a few details before the joining goes ahead. The dashboard and steering wheel for one thing. 




The wheel ring still looks too thick and chunky and the dials could use some tidying but it's fitted. The strange pre-selecter gear lever as featured in the Black Knight pictures presented a challenge but I've got this...


It's An ideal candidate for the brass etching designer....but not me 😎

The blue paintwork is worked over. I'm going to settle for the gloss of the paint itself . I have a rattlecan of clear gloss so I tried a test piece with the blue enamel--  blistered like a beauty! So I'll leave that. 😇

Going to do the joining ceremony next and take it from there 

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The main assembly went OK,  and the radiator and spare wheel went on after, and my paper tonneau cover. 






So I have the makings of a car here 😎

One complication came to light, and that was the fitting of the driver figure and the steering wheel. Each was OK individually, but not in combination in the given space. Both parts are out again while I reconsider the options. 

The driver is not that important to the finished car,but I do kind of like these old Airfix figures in 1.32. Probably a nostalgia thing. I did see one build where the driver was given a newspaper to hold and a chair to sit on, or a camping stool or similar. Whether that was a creative decision or necessary to overcome the fit issues, I don't know. 

You may be able to see a couple of pipes out the top of the petrol tank and curling over into the back of the car and under the tonneau. Just a couple of bits of solder wire ca'ed into holes and bent over into shape. 

Since taking the pictures I've added the bonnet strap and wire attachment as planned, and the front wingnuts are glued on over the brass nail heads--  I'm relying on the poly glue not to stick to the brass.... it certainly doesn't when you WANT it to 😅

I noticed another leather strap in reference pictures securing the spare wheel assembly to the top of the petrol tank so I may take a shot at that. Also been searching for the headlamps and associated frames.... I'm sure they're here somewhere....🤔

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21 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

you've done some real good work with this kit.  

Well, thanks for that 😀 It's been a festival of plastic bashing and tinkering and it's starting to feel like I've got somewhere. A few more items are added.  The exhaust pipe is on...




I've bent and persuaded the kit pipe into some bigger curves so that it rides up over the mudguard attachment pins like I'm seeing in a lot of ref pictures , and bound the section by the passenger seat with thread to give some kind of heat shield. The tailpipe is covered in Ali foil and also the main section of the silencer on the exposed areas. And the front manifold went on with little trouble. 

Those fishtail exhaust pipes were a design feature of a particular time. I recall that Velocette motorcycles of the 30s had a similar style (and they were on a winning streak too...!)

Filler caps added on the fuel tank and the strap over the top of the spare wheel I was thinking about. 

The frames on the front presented a challenge though. With an original kit chassis they might just fall into place as intended,, but that's not what I'm dealing with here. 

In the end I did what I could...


I think the bottom of the frame legs ought to attach where the top damper arms fit to the outside of the chassis, although it's difficult to make out from photos. And I think the structure changed--  or has been modified in different ways over the years. Some cars have headlamps mounted lower and some considerably higher. Most have got a crossbar linking the frames either above or below the headlamps. 

Like I said, I'm doing what I can with what's in front of me and hoping the front mudguards will be supported at a reasonable height and position. 

One other detail is the carburettor has been scratched and fitted into its little opening on the front fairing. 👍😎

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Hello @rob Lyttle

        I will need to have you teach me how to do the leaf spring construction. When I build my lifted pick-up truck sometime soon. I will need some taller/longer leaf springs. Now I have an idea, however you’ve actually done it. So I hope you will give me a tutorial ? Do you have something you bend them over as you go, or do you build them and then bend them ? 


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On 06/05/2024 at 22:23, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

So I hope you will give me a tutorial ?


Dennis, i picked up a saying many years ago--  a mantra if you like ‐-  that saw me through many sticky moments while teaching in schools....

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King!"😃


I'll try to gather my thoughts on this and get back to you 

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Finally got around to fixing the front mudguards on the MG. 


I noticed that there should be a pair of sidelights, one on each guard so I scarfed some bits of sprue on beforehand. 

The steering wheel situation is resolved by removing the steering column and his right arm, and attaching the wheel into his left hand. He goes in and the wheel can be adjusted as the glue is setting to what's looking like a decent attitude. The right arm will go on later, attached to the wheel and the shoulder. 




A retaining strap is fixed over the spare wheel. 

I'm trying an experiment with the headlamps and I'm not sure if it'll pay off, but you gotta try these things. I reamed out the moulded ledge inside and covered the front face with Ali tape and then teased the Ali into the opening with a cotton bud to make a reflector. 


Clear, thin styrene gets a pinhole and is glued onto stretched clear sprue. A hole is pierced in the reflector with a drill bit and then the back of the lamp is drilled through. The stretched sprue goes through the lamp and glued....


The plan is for this to hold the lens glass without extra glue mess around the rim.

When set, the lamp goes face down on the mat (with the surplus sprue removed....)(obvs....😋) and the clear is trimmed to a circular shape around the lamp. The clear sprue is meant to look like the bulb. 

It's kinda working so far 

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I think I'm about done here ✔️🤩


The driver has 2 arms, the screens are on, and the headlamps are mounted. 

I have no number plate decals, in fact I have a feeling that the kit has the numbers printed on the paper instructions for cutting out and glueing in place, but I may be wrong on this. I might be able to print a decal with a black background some time but it's not on the agenda right now. 

The headlamps experiment was worth trying I guess.... not sure if it's an improvement. The principle worked OK but perhaps a little more care in the doing would help 🤪

Definitely a worthwhile challenge making the chassis from scratch--  it certainly gets you involved in the structure and detail of the subject!


@Corsairfoxfouruncle the springs are I think 4 strips of skinny styrene. I rubbed them over the edge of the bench with thumb to give a bit of bend. I started with the long piece and included the little bits of Ali tube which helps in establishing the length with a bit of precision. 


Poly cement was used throughout, and it's the holding of some curve as the cement starts to work that really established the curve. CA glue is just too harsh and instant for any adjustment as you go. 

I didn't do any bands around the leaves, too small and fiddly at this scale for me. 

And I realised I didn't need the tube inserts on the front springs as they fit to the chassis in a different way. They just pushed out and the empty loop of plastic got squeezed flat with a dot of glue. 

That's all I've got for you, really. Cut a long narrow strip and it'll give you pieces the same width. 


Well, it's been a blast making good this kit and I've got an MG k3 magnette out of it! Thanks for your company and input along the way 👍 

Hmmmm...let's see what else I've got lurking in boxes 

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Fab rescue job Rob! Love those details... straps, turned wheels, exhaust, and the brake lines on the front. Looks ready to drive off for a fun weekend on those narrow roads you folks have across the pond ;) 

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I've been away for a month and missed all this fun!

What a fantastic job you've done Rob.  Congratulations :thumbsup:

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On 17/05/2024 at 01:58, marvinneko said:

Fab rescue job Rob!

Oh we love a good rescue job Marvin 😃


On 18/05/2024 at 05:42, CliffB said:

I've been away for a month and missed all this fun!

Cheers CliffB. Fun all the way 


On 19/05/2024 at 07:20, Bobby No Mac said:

And bravo for including the figure  :like:

There's something about the Airfix 1.32 figures.... or people.... that I like. There's nostalgia involved of course..but they are quite skillfully done and also big enough to work on without things getting microscopic and silly . There's one car in the range that has a female passenger too, I think it's the Alfa Romeo sports car 


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