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Roden 1/144 DC-3 and Brengun 1/144 Texaco Doodlebug - Finished

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I had decided to build Roden's 1/144 DC-3, which is my favorite aircraft. While retrieving it from the stash, I recalled I also had Brengun's 1/144 Texaco Doodlebug (a.k.a., 1933 Diamond T fuel truck), so I grabbed that too. On the way to my desk to post the chat, I saw Roden's box art actually had the Doodlebug in the background! I don't believe I had noticed that before, but this build was clearly meant to be.



Here's the lot




Roden's C-47 series should be well known; this is the DC-3 boxing, so it has a different fuselage


Note the small cargo door.


The other parts are the usual suspects




Hm, I just noticed the cockpit glazing broke off the fret; no worries, I have it.


And here are the decals, they look pretty good! 



Here's Brengun's Doodlebug


Looks like there are two copies of the cab glazing. And some eety beety PE. :yikes:


And are AIM's steps



I'll put all the above on a base. Google tells me I have a hope to find some figures.


Thanks for looking! :bye:

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@Corsairfoxfouruncle and @Col., thank you for the warm welcome!


First up is the Doodlebug. I set the parts free from their casting blocks.


I'm thinking I'm going to assemble and paint the axles with their wheels, then marry that to the chassis so I can make sure it's level and all tires are on the ground. I build 1/144 aircraft with black windows, and will do the same here.


I found a site with some good info, including a wonderful picture showing the beast fueling a DC-3 (about half-way down)! Most importantly, it shows the big Texaco hat on the rear.


Thanks for looking! :bye: 

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Ooh, I found the original Texaco ad that shows the TWA DC-3 and Doodlebug!


Good thing as I would have put the Texaco hat on the rear-quarter.

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1 hour ago, dnl42 said:

Ooh, I found the original Texaco ad that shows the TWA DC-3 and Doodlebug!


Good thing as I would have put the Texaco hat on the rear-quarter.

Nice add, Im curious if it’s a DC-2 or DC-3 ? The cowling looks more like a DC-2. 

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2 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Nice add, Im curious if it’s a DC-2 or DC-3 ? The cowling looks more like a DC-2. 


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I did a quick search out of curiousty. Here is the -2,




And here is the DC-3/C-47




They were both good aircraft in the own right.Not that it matters really, personally I think the -2 is the more likely candidate.




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  • 3 weeks later...

The Doodlebug is assembled and painted! 


The 1st order of business was to glue the axles and wheels. I used a tubing mitre box and some small squares to get everything aligned while the CA cured



And ready for the paint shop



Post painting with Mr.Color red and black, as well as Vallejo Dark Rubber for the wheels. 



Here is the raised lettering that I need to paint...again. This is the 2nd time the body was painted. The first time I had also painted the lettering, but it wasn't the neatest and my attempt to clean up the edges damaged the red paint. It was easier to strip and repaint the body.

With that, does anybody have a suggestion on how to paint those raised letters? They're perhaps 1/64 in thick.


Regarding the DC-3 part of this build, I glued in the cargo door, which was not such a good fit



And then filled in the center and faired it into the side



I'm trying something for the first time here, which is to paint the fuselage halves and mask the clear parts en masse so I don't have to mask each window separately. I have done that masking on 3 previous builds...enough is enough. This is Tamiya Gloss Aluminum Lacquer, thinned with MLT.


Hm, I just noticed a divot at the upper-right corner of the last window on the port side. Not sure where that came from, but it needs fixin...:wall:

And criminy:jump_fire:, what are those black splotches on the starboard side? 



Thanks for looking:bye:

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White decal film would have worked for TEXA but CO would have been iffy for me. I tried a white Posca art pen, but the paint was too thin and flowed around the letters. A trip to the local art store resulted in a few possible white paint pens, which is a rare color. Fortunately, the 1st one I tried did the trick.


This was a breath holding exercise, but careful daubing of the side of the chisel tip at the correct angles worked.


I also filled that divot with Tamiya Fine White putty; 2-, 4-, and 6-cut equalling files finished it off.


I'll have to mask and respray, but I'll only need to deal with the one corner.


Thanks for looking! 


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The DC-3 airframe is assembled. There are 2 areas where I find this kit needs attention. First, aligning the wing upper surface and fuselage wing root results in a gap along the leading edge.



A shim fixes that



And the canopy is slightly undersized, so I file the fuselage to fit. The hatch has been filed away (seemed like the right thing for the DC-3) and the fuselage panel lines repaired.


I also needed to mask all the windows after all. I guess the paint-and-mask-before-assembly method isn't my thing.


And she's primed with Mr.Finishing Surfacer 1500 and painted with Tamiya Lacquer Gloss Aluminum



Thanks for looking. :bye:

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I agree, these are trans-ports.

Decals are on the Doodlebug. These needed close trimming of the full-sheet carrier film.


I will get to the Itsy bitsy teensy weensy PE for wipers and mirrors after another clear-coat.


As I was building the DC-3, I kept noticing registration numbers in contemporaneous photos of 30's DC-3s were much lower than this aircraft, 34602. Well, don't ask the question if you're not prepared to hear [read] the answer. While FAA and production records do indicate the markings are indeed for a TWA DC-3, it's a DC-3A-S1C3G, more specifically, C-47A-30-DK, registered in 1946. With that, I won't post the DC-3 in the gallery as this subject is outside GB dates.


The decals are also on the DC-3


These decals were very fragile. Each and every decal with a higher aspect ratio broke, even the smallest such example. Interestingly, some of repeated decals broke identically.


Thanks for looking! :bye:


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Woohoo! The DC-3 is done!


I used Tamiya Gloss Aluminum (LP-70) for the airframe, nacelles, and props. Tamiya Flat Aluminum (LP-38) for other bits. Mr.Color Flat Black (C-33) for the deicing boots and engines, AK Oily Steel (AK11211) for dry-brushing the engines, Vallejo Dark Rubber for the tires, Mr.Color Gloss Clear (C-46) to clearcoat with Winsor & Newton Flat Varnish for the deicing boots.










Too bad it is from the immediate post-war period.


The Doodlebug and boarding stairs are next.

Thanks for looking. :bye:

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Starting on the steps. Here are the fret and instructions.




They don't mention the wheels, but I expect they are the corner wheels.


Here are the parts removed from the fret



And here are the folded steps. They took some effort to properly fold as my sausage fingers ensured each bend affected the previous folds.



Thanks for looking. :bye:

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And the steps are built! It took some time to get the treads and risers fully aligned to the sides and then glued together. That itsy-bitsy triangle was invaluable! That's a quarter-inch grid.


The assembly is quite robust.


Thanks for looking! :bye:

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Here's the Doodlebug PE fret



I managed to remove them from the fret without losing any parts, including the spares.



The assembled mirrors look pretty good.



Success can be fleeting. I soon managed to lose one of the mirrors. The stragglers defiantly resisted any of my feeble mounting attempts. I wasn't able to get enough glue on them to keep them together and on the model without encasing them in CA:wall:

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Here's the finished Doodlebug and steps












Thanks for following along! :bye:


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16 minutes ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Well done on both builds, its a nice little vignette but with some figures and possible a baggage cart you could have a nice little diorama. 



That was the original intent. I'm not sure I want to now though, since Roden's claim that the DC-3 markings were 'from the 1930s' is incorrect.

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  • dnl42 changed the title to Roden 1/144 DC-3 and Brengun 1/144 Texaco Doodlebug - Finished

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